Can I paint rattan garden furniture?

Can I paint rattan garden furniture?

You are bored of your garden furniture look and looking for upgrade options? Or you might have bought second hand rattan furniture from a thrift store and thinking to upgrade the looks. Have you thought about painting it? Yes, you heard us right. You can paint your rattan furniture and give it a new look without investing too much money.

Will this ruin the look of my rattan furniture? Will it lose that natural appeal after i paint it? We know that all these questions are going on in your mind. After reading this post we are sure that you will have answers to all your questions. Read this interesting post from rattan garden furniture Ltd to know more.

Choose your colour

We know some of you think that it’s only the pristine white colour that’s the option to paint your rattan furniture in. But we say look beyond!! You can choose the colors based on considerations like personal taste, surroundings, colour theme of your garden etc.

Bright reds, cool blues or the classic whites – the options are endless. So, what’s your colour?


Before actually applying the first coat, it is important to clean the furniture. Old pieces have deposits of dust and dirt so you need to deep clean them for a perfect finish.

Take a soft brush and remove all the accumulated dirt and dust you notice. You can even use the vacuum cleaner when you want to clean the nooks and other hard to reach spots. Then prepare a mild lukewarm water soap solution. Apply it on the surface and wipe it off with damp cloth. Allow it to dry completely before beginning to paint.

An undercoat for your base

An undercoat works in many ways. It ensures that your paint will have a smooth finish. It can also help you cut the amount of paint that you need to apply on your furniture. You can easily get spray or primers to use as undercoat but we advise to stick to standard acrylic primer and apply it with a soft brush.

Spray Paints are the best for Rattan Garden Furniture

You cannot and should not begin before you are sure that the undercoat is completely dry. This is important to ensure that your furniture has a consistent and smooth finish.

Make sure that you sit in well ventilated area as it will reduce your chances of inhaling the paint. Outdoors is the best place. Sit somewhere in a protected place where wind impact is less.

Spread sheets on the floor and then keep your rattan furniture piece in the middle over the sheet. This will ensure that you keep your surroundings clean and also you do not waste time cleaning paint sports later.

Start applying the spray paint in a proper sweeping motion making sure each part of the surface is covered. Go for multiple light coats than one thick covering. Keep some time gaps in applying coats. Follow the instruction manual properly to achieve the desired effect.

Once done, let it dry out completely. Keep it in a dry place for a minimum of 24 hours or more. Once fully dried, put some cushions and get set go!! We manufacture comfortable plush cushions with covers that can be removed and washed also. They are fire retardant and also UV resistant. It’s time now to call friends and family and enjoy a hearty meal!! Happy partying!!