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Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd offers a wide range of high quality rattan garden furniture and rattan corner fire pit sets. We are one of largest outdoor patio furniture shop in Essex, UK. We provide free delivery to customers on orders over £299 and offer a 10-year frame guarantee on our products!

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Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd - Transforming Garden with Style

Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd is most trusted company in UK Founded over 30 years ago, we are an independent, family-run business providing weatherproof rattan garden furniture across the mainland UK and parts of Europe. We are a renowned manufacturer, distributor, and supplier of superior-quality rattan outdoor furniture.

We are one of the top rated rattan outdoor furniture shop in the UK because of our extensive selection of furniture, which meets the needs of every client.

We provide a wide range of furniture, including dining sets, bistro sets, day beds, loungers, sectional sofas, and corner couches; We also have a number of different accessories, such as parasols, hammocks, and planters. All of our durable products are available in a range of sizes.

Considering their flawless appearance, customers adore these eye-catching products for their dependable performance. Additionally, the smooth texture, striking design, endurance, resistance to tearing, ease of care, and weather tolerance are highly valued by our loyal customer base.

Our success in this industry is mostly due to our mentor, whose kind disposition and ethical business methods have always assisted us in gaining a sizable clientele throughout the country. Moreover, our company places a high value on quality and, as a result, upholds a stringent quality control system for better outcomes.

We strive to produce the best quality outdoor patio furniture for the Garden in the market, which has enabled us to provide our goods at incredibly low costs without sacrificing the high standard of our output. In the UK, nobody else offers the same excellent quality at such reasonable costs.

From a playful garden to an expansive and exquisite patio, we make everything right and provide you with a wide selection of sizes and styles of furniture. Being the leading company of rattan outdoor furniture in the UK, our mission is to provide outdoor furniture that enhances every home's living area, balcony, and garden to create the perfect environment for spending time with loved ones.

We are the producers of elegant and beautiful furniture. We produce cleverly designed outdoor furniture so you may build a comfortable haven of your own. Get exciting deals from our store in UK, we also ship throughout the Europe.

 High quality is our

 top priority 

All of our garden outdoor furniture is made from HDPE rattan, which is of the highest quality and requires no upkeep. Every piece has a rust-proof, powder-coated aluminium frame that adds to its beauty and durability. 



FREE DELIVERY ANYWHERE IN THE UK (including Wales). Please email for delivery to Scotland, the Chanel Islands, or Ireland.



Excellent outdoor furniture quality, Presenting you with the UK's finest pricing. Take advantage of fantastic discounts, unbelievable deals, and first-rate customer support.



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Visit our massive refurbished showroom in Romford Essex with the largest display of garden furniture sets in the UK for over 30 years.


Opening Times Monday - Saturday: 9am - 6pm Sunday: 10am - 5pm


Rattan is derived from palm trees found in Malaysian, Singaporean, and Philippine forests. For a long time, this style of furniture has been regarded as the greatest option for patios, observatories, and gardens.

Our outdoor furniture sets comes in a variety of colours and styles, so it may be utilised with a variety of themes and ambiences. Due to its resistance to inclement weather and other environmental factors, this furniture is best suited for usage outside or in gardens. Customers may quickly and simply flip their premises because to its lightweight design, which makes it easy to move from one location to another!

Most outdoor furniture made of rattan is waterproof because it is composed of excellent HDPE. But while making a purchase, you must be certain that the makers are legitimate. High-quality rattan can be quite expensive. Therefore, the materials you invest in should be worth every single penny you spend.

Excellent rattan will endure severe weather conditions for many years and keep the furniture looking brand new. The furniture's aluminium structure is not only lightweight, but it also maintains its shine over time due to its resistance to corrosion.

There is very little upkeep required for rattan patio furniture. Even when stored outside, there's no need to clean it frequently. The surface of the garden furniture may be simply cleaned with a moist cloth and a warm, soapy solution.

You can give the furniture a brief hose pipe wash if you see any dirt buildup in any cracks or crevices, and then allow them to air dry fully. You don't need to be concerned about the material deteriorating because the furniture is fully sealed off from moisture.

To clean up any spills that may occur accidentally, mix one teaspoon vinegar with a warm soapy solution. Pour this vinegar into a container and lightly mist the impacted areas.

It assists in getting rid of stains that could appear as a result of any organic substance dropping. In a couple of minutes, the stain would disappear and your furniture would be ready for another gathering.

The quality of the furniture you purchase will determine how long it lasts. All of our outdoor garden furniture is made from excellent HDPE, which is expertly woven by our artisans over powder-coated aluminum frames.

Our cushion coverings are machine-washable and fire-retardant. We can rely on our furniture to survive a long time because of its sturdy qualities.

At our showroom, Everything is available here under one roof, including bistro sets, dining sets, corner couch sets, hammocks, and planter stands.

We also sell indoor dining sets, and our most recent inventory includes aluminum, rope, and sunbrella furniture. We have a variety of mildew- and waterproof products available. Because the cushion coverings are detachable, you may periodically swap them out if you become tired of them. Amazing, huh?

Our outdoor garden furniture, which includes sunbeds, loungers, dining sets, couch sets, dining sets, coffee tables, and fire pit dining sets, takes little to no setup, such as putting up the tables. The furniture is loaded into your house safely and undamaged after being meticulously packaged in our warehouse!

We adhere to stringent quality standards to guarantee that our clients receive the best possible quality at the best possible price. Our friendly delivery staff ship wherever in the UK mainland, and most of the time the items arrive within seven working days.

The majority of outdoor garden furniture on the market now is composed of HDPE, a type of synthetic rattan. HDPE garden furniture is becoming more and more popular because of its durability and resistance to inclement weather. Unlike genuine rattan, which withers away after a few years, you may keep it outdoors for the full year and it will still appear brand new with no care.

The furniture can be given a modern appearance if you colour them in different dyes and offer the HDPE material in a variety of metallic and vibrant colors.

High-quality outdoor patio furniture can be left outside year-round without weather damage, it doesn't need much maintenance. Nevertheless, you can quickly clean your furniture if dirt does accumulate during infrequently used times.

Use a soft cloth and extremely diluted dishwashing liquid to gently wipe it down. To remove the dirt from the weave, use a toothbrush or tiny brush.

We do suggest a winter garden furniture cover for further protection from dirt and dust as well as weather, since this can extend the life of your set.

However, We use only the best HDPE rattan, which never has to be maintained, to make all of our garden furniture.

Each item is enhanced in beauty and durability by an aluminum frame that is powder-coated and resistant to corrosion. We provide a 10-year frame guarantee on all items and free shipping to clients with orders over £299!

With cushions now, decorate your rattan furniture. Additionally, you may add some tassel curls to your home to add coziness and relaxation for yourself.

Custom cushions are available from a lot of furniture stores, upholstery shops, and internet vendors. You may select the material, size, shape, and thickness of the cushions to match your particular outdoor furniture items.

We provide scatter cushions composed of olefin, sunbrella, and nylon, as well as replacement covers in an assortment of colors. For more information contact us.

In addition to being well-liked for its appearance, rattan furniture is strong, low-maintenance, and weather-resistant. It seems like too much work to make your yard habitable while safeguarding the investment you put in your furniture when you have to lug it in and out of the house all the time.

For this reason, rattan patio furniture is an excellent material for outdoor furniture. Rattan outdoor furniture is stylish, comfortable, and useful!

If you're looking for a whole garden solution or are redesigning a tiny patio, we offer a wide range of luxurious rattan outdoor furniture and ranges to meet any size or location.

A range of furnishings, such as coffee tables with fire pits, bistro sets, corner couches, fire pit dining sets, and eight-seater sectional sofas, will help you meet and calm your visitors. This will make your anticipated picnic, lunch, and get-together much more comfortable!

Every item in our selection of outdoor garden furniture is waterproof-resistant. They come with a 5-year waterproof guarantee. Your rattan outdoor furniture sets will remain beautiful and fresh all year if you clean them with warm water and a soap solution.

Your rattan furniture may rust or deteriorate in the winter due to rain, snow, and low temperatures.

Use Storage Bags or Furniture Covers: To keep rattan or wicker furniture free of dust and debris, use storage bags or furniture covers. Keep Dry and Under Covered: To preserve the furniture's integrity, keep it in a dry, protected environment.

Our rattan patio furniture has been built with elegant, rust-proof aluminum frames. Such furniture is prepared in its weaving to withstand weather-related and UV-induced harm. If you wish to preserve the brand-new appearance of your furniture.

Then, in order to preserve the quality of your furniture over the winter, we suggest that you at least cover it when not in use. It will appear boring if it is left outside all year round in the elements.

High-quality rattan outdoor furniture has relatively low maintenance requirements. You know you've made a great investment when you purchase high-quality rattan patio furniture from Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd.

Dust does not seem to stick to rattan furniture. Dust particles, however, might get woven into the fabric. However, a vacuum cleaner may readily be used to clean it. If you want to give your furniture a thorough cleaning, all you need is a moist cloth and a warm, soapy solution.

You should get our storage covers if you live somewhere that experiences severe weather, such as storms, high winds, rain, and intense heat. That will offer an extra degree of protection from harsh weather.

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Generally speaking, rattan outdoor furniture requires relatively little upkeep—just a cloth dusting or a light vacuum with a brush attachment. Although minor stains are acceptable for aesthetic reasons, they are not essential for its preservation, and its golden natural hue is frequently appreciated on its own.

These simple guidelines, if followed, can help you maintain the condition of your rattan outdoor furniture.

  • Use a duster or an upholstery brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove any dust from the furniture's surface. Use a tiny soft-bristle brush to get into all the nooks and crannies. When dust buildup is difficult to clear, use compressed air.
  • Fill a container with warm water and dish soap, then set aside another container with warm water for rinsing.
  • Wipe down the furniture with care after soaking a microfiber cloth in the cleaning solution and washing it repeatedly.
  • Wipe any stains from the furniture as soon as you see them. With a dull knife or spoon, try to remove the stain as gently as possible, being careful not to rub it into the woven threads. After wiping the area down with a moist towel, allow it to air dry.

We provide free shipping to customers on orders over £299. Free delivery anywhere in the UK (including Wales), Please email for delivery to Scotland, the Chanel Islands, or Ireland.

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Choose Rattan Furniture to elevate your outdoor space

What better way to define the ambience of your garden, patio, or outdoor space and set it apart from the others than with rattan outdoor furniture made of premium quality HDPE that has been properly weatherproofed to withstand the harshest weather conditions in the UK and Europe?

Our wide range of products includes rattan dining sets, corner couches, bistro sets, day beds, loungers, sectional sofas, fire pit dining sets, and several more accessories like parasols, hammocks, planters, etc. You can set rattan furniture on wood, synthetic grass, grass, or any other kind of flooring. Its durability and adaptability demonstrate that the investment was well worth it.

Our designs are timeless and fit into any style. When used frequently, these are made to be as comfortable as possible while also putting less strain on the furniture. Our covers are durable and resistant to weather, but if you'd like to switch things up and replace the furniture, cushions, etc., we offer replacement covers in a variety of colours and scatter cushions made of olefin, sunbrella, and nylon to fit every budget.


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An engaging shopping destination is perfect for the whole family. 

We run our business out of our Romford, Essex, store. A 28,000-square-foot space where you can stroll in and browse every piece of rattan outdoor furniture up for sale. You can choose which furniture to lie down, sit on, or swing on.

Our helpful sales representatives will be available to assist you with the purchase of your items once you are entirely pleased with the furniture's build, style, and longevity. Additionally, our clients have the option to customise the furniture to fit their tastes.

To discuss how to get their furniture designed for optimal space optimisation, customers can speak with one of our talented designers. We simply cannot be beaten in terms of quality, dependability, and service. Our amazing in-house delivery staff delivers all the furniture inside the scheduled delivery window.

Since most of our furniture is pre-made and only needs minimal assembly, moving it from the box to the patio is simple. Should things need to fit together, reading the handbook that is included with each piece of furniture will make it simple for you to unpack and assemble the furniture. If you want to buy some outdoor garden furniture in the UK, then do visit our store with your family.

We make every effort to maintain extremely reasonable costs without sacrificing the furniture's quality. Through process optimisations, we are able to keep extra expenses down while maintaining high standards thanks to our stringent quality control.

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We provide a variety of furniture styles and ranges to fit any size or location, whether you're redecorating a small patio or searching for a comprehensive garden solution. You can greet and soothe your guests with a variety of furniture, including bistro sets, corner couches, fire pit dining sets, 8-seater sectional sofas, and coffee tables with fire pits. Your planned picnic, lunch, and get-together will now be much more comfortable!

Every piece in our garden outdoor furniture collection is waterproof and resistant to showers. There is a 5-year waterproof guarantee on them. All year long, you can maintain the freshness and beauty of your rattan outdoor furniture sets by cleaning them with a warm water and soap solution.

Welcome to the world of rattan!