Choosing a colour for your garden furniture

Choosing a colour for your garden furniture

For longevity and zero maintenance nothing is more suitable for your outside space than rattan garden furniture – one of my friends used to advise others when they were looking for furniture. So when I bought my new home and thought why not look for rattan furniture and I must confess I was amazed and dumbstruck by the extensive ranges and styles at Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd. Dealing in all types of garden furniture from dining sets, coffee tables, loungers, corner sofas, bistro sets to day beds – I was in a great dilemma as to what to take and what to leave.

My eyes then fell upon a sectional sofa as it was high on functionality and I could use it as a coffee table, as a sofa set obviously and even dining set. I was a bit sceptical at the start for the guys at Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd told me about that the furniture is made from high quality HDPE.......but it was not natural rattan. I researched a bit about why HDPE rattan is superior to the natural one. Though the staff at Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd had provided plenty of information, but I wanted to be sure for my own peace of mind.

About Rattan Furniture

HDPE rattan furniture – is a manmade version of the natural rattan which looks exactly like it but has more advanced features and enjoys a much longer life. Made from plastic resin like polypropylene or polyethylene, furniture made from HDPE is UV resistant, bears the vagaries of nature well and is available in a hue of colours.

I always thought of garden furniture as just being sofas and dining sets, but a day bed or a corner dining set was never in my thoughts. The modular ranges took me by surprise with their versatility.

Cube, Square, Round, Oval – any shape you think of and the manufacturers can provide it.

Rattan garden furniture with storage is another very popular option. You can efficiently use the space and make the most of your furniture by storing stuff like throw pillows, cushions, books, towels – anything you can think of right underneath the seating area.

I picked a rattan outdoor bar for my backyard where I could enjoy a quick glass of wine with my beloved partner. It comes with shelves to store glasses, bottles and mixers that make socialising complete and trouble free.

Shades and Colours

The best is still to come.... the colours in which this extremely functional and versatile furniture is available. I am a Nature lover, but this time around I was looking for furniture which stood out in colour and didn’t just blend in. The natural tones – black and brown look regal and give an earthy appeal but as I said I was looking for something else. I found it at Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd, Whites and a Serena Grey, and what better than colourful throws and cushions. The cushions that come along with the furniture can be supplemented with colourful throws.

The cushions that come with rattan garden furniture are UV resistant, flame retardant and all weather. You can remove the seat covers for a quick wash in a machine at 30 degrees; they do not lose their shine.

All furniture requires absolute zero maintenance other than the odd hose down.

At Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd, they offer a 10 year all weather guarantee, best price guarantee and free shipping. What else can you ask for?

I had fun shopping with Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd, it’s your turn now!