Color Your World: Select The Perfect Outdoor Color Palette In Easy Steps

Color Your World: Select The Perfect Outdoor Color Palette In Easy Steps

Outdoor colour palette – choosing it can be daunting or fun! Let us make it fun for you. We know that there are ample of colour swatches to choose from. Whenever you come across any picture perfect designed wall in someone’s home or hotel, understand that there would be creative minds behind it trying to make out a perfect colour blend. Well, we are going to tell you how you can do all this for your outdoor furniture in three easy steps.


  1. Take Inspiration from the environment: Take a walk in your garden, look at the plants, trees, the skyline, floor and try to take a cue. Just feel the space and take a note of the colours you see in your space. You can maintain a diary to note the colours. Then sit down which of these colours you find to be more attractive and see are they really complementing the setting. If they do not, try to find the better ones. You can go for complementing or contrasting shades.


Rattan Garden Furniture ltd. extensive and exclusive furniture range comes in colours staring from whites, grey to natural and dark brown. Then there are weaves to choose from. Our every furniture has been exquisitely designed by expert artisans and the HDPE rattan is weaved intricately over the rustproof aluminium frames lending it style and longevity both.


  1. Consider the Mood: Now when you have decided on the colours, look for the complementing colours corresponding to the colour palette. This should be done keeping in the mind the mood you want to create in the space. Is it going to be a jazzy party space for your weekend parties or you want a relaxing space to yourself or a cosy family space?


Our experts can help you out with the colour selection if you find it a little overwhelming. Over the years, they have been helping clients create that perfect outdoor space the meets their expectations and well within the budget.


  1. Create Cohesion: Today, outdoor is considered to be an extension of the indoors and vice-a-versa. So strive for creating a natural cohesion between the outdoor and the indoor space. Consider similar patterns, materials to create a natural flow. Or if you really want to create outdoor a different place, there are some general guidelines to follow, if you want to have traditional decor, go for darker shades. Lighter shades are effective for a transitional or country side decor. Bright shades look modern. You can choose accordingly.


Rattan garden furniture is no more boring. Today there are available in array of colours, styles and look. You can look for furniture for small spaces like patio or conservatory or large spaces. We manufacture using the finest quality HDPE rattan that is weaved over rust proof aluminium frames. The cushions are plush and again crafted from quality materials unlike the cheaper ones. The cushion covers can be washed and they are fire retardant too. You can leave your furniture outdoors without worries as it is weatherproof. While choosing your outdoor furniture, our experts will be there to guide you wherever you need their assistance.