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Create a Perfect Kid-friendly Outdoor Space

Create a Perfect Kid-friendly Outdoor Space

Summer is almost here, and so is the time to bask under the sun, play at the beach, and sip down chilled lemonade. Every time you cannot run to the beach or a café, you want to find that soothing ambience that instil a sense of relaxing vibe. How about creating one such beautiful space in your home?

Creating an outdoor space will not only keep you hooked to spend some time in the outdoors, but it will also enhance the valuation of your property. So, if you are a DIY lover and want to explore more on how you can beautifully deck up your outdoor space, put on your creative hats, and read the tips shared below.

  • Add a pop of colours- Well, you don’t need to paint your outdoor, but you can certainly add colourful plants and flowers. Colourful flowers are loved and cherished by people of all age groups. Using plants, you can create a green space allowing your kids to enjoy a clean and green ambience. 
  • Backyard sandplay- Kids love beaches, but sometimes it becomes difficult to take them out at the beach. But here’s an easy-peasy solution for this. Creating a sandplay area in the backyard or your balcony can be a great idea. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on this. All you need is the right set of tools to make things work. A large wooden pallet can be converted into a sandplay, or else, if you are ready to shell out some money, you can get pre-made sandplay boxes. Add a shovel, bucket, and toys to give it a beach-like appeal. Adding rattan garden furniture can add value to your backyard beach.
  • Swinging their way out- Kids love to swing at home, park or school; swings instantly attract kids. It keeps them active and helps in developing equilibrium and balance. You, too, can add them in your backyard or just hang them in your balcony. There are several options like rattan nest swings or belt swings, surf swings or trapeze swings and more. You can pick the option you like the most and hang it around for your little one. 
  • Birds and birdhouses- A beautiful garden is always amped up by birds and butterflies. So, if you too want birds to visit your garden, adding a birdhouse will be a good idea. You can get them in various shapes and sizes. Hang them by the wall or on a tree, and wake up to the sound of these beautiful creatures visiting your place every day.
  • A perfect seating arrangement- You must not miss this part. The safest option would be to place lightweight furniture, especially if kids are playing around. You can pick up the one that best matches the style and design of your garden. Rattan garden furniture is a good choice here.


While all these are fascinating ideas, the crux of the matter is to believe in your instincts. A beautiful looking garden is loved by all, seeing kids playing and enjoying makes even the adults relive their childhood.