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Is All Sunbrella Fabric Waterproof?

Is All Sunbrella Fabric Waterproof?

Sunbrella fabric - One of the many feats of the modern science is regarded the best in outdoor cushions both by furniture designers and consumers. At Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd, our brand new sunbrella garden furniture range not only comes in variety of styles, designs, patterns and colours but with the best price guarantee and exceptional quality. Since inception, Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd has been a forerunner in offering garden furniture which is stylish, functional and highly versatile.

Let us try to unearth some important facts about the high performing fabric in its league - The sunbrella fabric. If you have been waiting the outdoor cushions to dry up fast after a heavy downpour, it is never going to happen and surely not when you are expecting guests. You wonder, are there any cushions that stay dry all weather long?

Well, thanks to the fabric experts who designed the best performing and water repellent fabric Sunbrella. A fabric that stands sturdy in rainy season, shine bright under scorching hot sun and blooms when it snows. Well, we are talking about bringing homes sunbrella fabric garden furniture. The innovative new technology with which this fabric is made makes it an ideal choice for the outdoor furniture. Talking more about the technology, the thread that goes in to making expands on contact with water to prevent infiltration.

The highly resilient foam is encased in a solution dyed fabric cover which is fade resistant and also prevent mold and mildew growth which is so common during the monsoons. The sunbrella fabric garden furniture available at Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd enjoys around 10 years of lifespan under heavy outdoor use.

Delving more into the manufacturing process, the cushions are sewn with a venting system using a self swelling thread to repel moisture but allowing for proper air circulation. This innovative technology ensures that your cushions stay dry inside out and ready to welcome the guests with their ultra modern look and comfortable seating. Well, the cheap Sunbrella fabric is also available in the markets sewn with a welt option, but it will encourage moisture to set in thus shortening the life span of the furniture.

The Sunbrella fabrics at Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd are designed to be an eclectic mix of design and performance and yes it includes stain resistance. They are nearly maintenance free and just a fortnight brushing off the loose dirt or cleaning them with a mild detergent and water would do wonders.

To bring to everyone's notice once again, Sunbrella fabric is water repellent and not water resistant. The difference: water repellent means that the fabric has been treated so the water will not penetrate easily whereas water resistant fabric will be able to keep only some amount of water at bay. Pay attention to the specifications when buying online or in-store and make an intelligent buying decision.