Things To Know Before Buying Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

Things To Know Before Buying Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

Your outdoor garden furniture by now would have won you many admiring glances from friends and family for being both stylish and comfortable. Alfresco lunches, a small reading corner by the pool or cozy moments at the weekend, you have it all. Now, the season is turning and you would have retired indoors. But what about the outdoor furniture – left outside at the mercy of the elements. It is not justified and so you must ensure that you take proper care by buying furniture covers so that you can relive all those moments once again when the sun shines.

Tips for buying outdoor furniture covers

Know the dimensions
If you have chosen the standard sizes for your outdoor garden furniture, you can simply buy the covers from anywhere. However, for customized furniture pieces, it is better that you make the right decision before buying the covers. Do not go for one-size fits all patio covers, they will quite possibly be oversized and the excess fabric will prone to flapping around in the wind. There are many manufacturers who make covers specifically for their pieces. Do check with the manufacturer you bought the furniture from.

Go for complete waterproof covers
Waterproof cushion covers are available by and large but most of them offer protection only against showers and light drizzle. In case of a heavy downpour, they are a complete failure. Vinyl covers are very much in demand for they let the beads of water roll down the cover thus allowing for quick drying. These covers also offer great protection against mould and mildew growth that might creep in due to moisture retention. Waterproof covers offer added protection from dust and debris.

A design that breathes
Covers with vents are preferable for they allow for complete air circulation. If there are no vents, mould and mildew might develop. However, when buying covers with breathable vents pay attention that they prevent water creeping in. At Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd, you get both standard and customised covers for every furniture piece. You only need to tell them about the dimensions. However, if you are not sure about the right measurements, experts from Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd can advise.

Soft backing
A soft backing on covers ensures that the finish of your furniture is not tarnished because of any rubbing.

Go for tie down covers
You might not give it importance but it is worth paying attention. During heavy winds or storms, the covers might get blown away, so it is advisable that if you live in such areas that receive heavy storms and high winds to buy outdoor garden furniture covers with tie downs or toggle tightening as this will ensure they secured to your furniture.