Tips For Choosing Bar Sets

Tips For Choosing Bar Sets

If dining counters and breakfast tables are a popular in the kitchen today, bar sets are the garden furniture of choice for modern homes. However, before you take the plunge it’s better to look at some important points that can help you make an informed decision. Is it just a bar set you are looking for or do you want to consider a bar / dining arrangement where you and your friends can not only share drinks but also meals and just socialise?

At Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd, We design every furniture piece with high functionality and aesthetics in mind.

Let us begin our research now:


Bar sets come in a wide array of materials- wood, rattan or metal to name a few. Consider where you will be keeping the set, is it going to be outdoors where you can enjoy it alfresco with friends and family or it’s going to be indoors – your choice of the material will heavily factor in this.

For outdoors, it is definitely going to be the durability factor topping the priority charts along with functionality and ease of use.

Wood: Wood is an excellent option that suits every decor. Though more expensive than other options, it truly adds dimension to the space. For the bar stools, opt for upholstered cushions for added comfort. If you are planning for an outdoor bar, choose woods like eucalyptus, acacia and teak etc., which are moth and termite repellent.

Metal: if you have a small patio or little space in a dining room to make way for your bar set, consider investing in metal bar sets which have a sleek silhouette making them a perfect fit. You should not use these outdoors to avoid rusting or take them out occasionally when the weather allows.

Rattan: Nothing beats the beauty, style and functionality rattan is going to lend to your bar. At Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd, bar sets are manufactured using premium quality HDPE that is hand woven over rust proof powder coated aluminium, so you can leave them outdoors without worrying about rusting or any other damage. They are even lightweight, so you can move them easily and are even low on maintenance, a mild detergent and damp cloth will clean these bar sets.


This is one parameter which every homeowner should pay close attention to. The height of the table and the chair should be so chosen that your guests feel comfortable being seated. The bar stools can be upholstered with thick cushions to offer comfortable seating. At Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd, we offer cushions that are weatherproof, UV resistant and even fire proof to UK fire safety standards. When measuring, make sure you take into account that bar stools should be at least 9-12” below the countertop. This will prevent your guests from bumping their knees against the counter whenever they get seated. Also, the stools should be arranged in a manner that your guests can enjoy the wine and dine session without elbowing each other. Look into the measurements carefully or call for expert advice.


Bar Table: Well, it can be square, rectangular or even round shaped depending upon the space you have and your personal taste. A toughened glass top would not only add to the aesthetics but also makes it easy to clean and extends longevity to the material beneath. Bar table with storage is an added advantage where you can keep your drinks and other accessories.

Bar Stools – They also come in an array of styles and shapes depending upon the aesthetics or comfort. A backless stool is common and people prefer them when looking to save on space as they can easily fit under the counter. However, they are not comfortable for long periods of use.

Bar stools with arms are comfortable and are perfect when you want to enjoy a relaxed wine and dine session. However, they are much wider than the backless stool and so you might not be able to stack in as many stools as you are planning. Upholstered stools are the most comfortable and when it is from Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd, the comfort goes to another level. The extra thick padded cushions are weatherproof, fire proof and even UV resistant meaning you can leave them outdoors all the year around.

There are many choices, but in the end, it all comes down to your personal preferences and the space you have to utilize.