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Benefits of rattan garden furniture

Benefits of rattan garden furniture

Rattan furniture has been one of the hottest trends in the world of decoration and design and is gaining popularity for both indoors and outdoors use. Being Elegant and Stylish, it is strong and durable too. Here are some of the remarkable benefits of this fantastic piece of furniture.

Easily repairable
Rattan is resistant to any kind of wear and tear. Still, if any cracking do appear over time, can be easily repaired in fraction of time. All you need is some boiled linseed oil and apply it on cracking using a brush.

Stain resistant
Rattan is stain resistant. Somehow, if you spill anything on the rattan outdoor furniture, it wiped off instantly without any risk of staining the material itself.

Rattan is a durable and long lasting material. Your rattan furniture will be looking as good as new many years after you purchased it only with a little amount of care.

Range of different colors and textures available
One of the biggest benefit of rattan is that nowadays it is available in a range of diverse colors like from dark coffee to jet black, light caramel to warm walnut, soft grey to icy white. Some designs also offer pattern and textures.

Weather resistant
It makes it a perfect material to be used as an outdoor furniture. It can withstand extreme cold and hot weather conditions.

Non-Corrosive nature
Rattan does not corrode itself until and unless the metal frame used to create the furniture does not corrode. Since aluminum is used as the metal base for most of the rattan furniture, this won’t corrode either.

Most of rattan garden furniture are UV resistant and have no bad effect of extreme sunshine. It therefore won’t fade or split in hot weather.

Perfect material for the garden
There’s no denying that its inherent qualities makes it perfect for outdoor use. Able to fight with extremes weather condition, while looking natural and complementing your garden decor, rattan is always the first choice for any kind of outdoors furniture, from loungers to daybeds.