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Great Rattan Garden Furniture Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends

Great Rattan Garden Furniture Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends

Rattan garden furniture is versatile, stylish, functional, modern, relaxing and eco-friendly. Here we bring to you great ideas that will inspire you to spruce up your homes with rattan garden furniture from Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd, Rattan garden furniture is always the best proposition when it comes to furnishing your outdoor space for several reasons.

What makes Rattan so cool?

Rattan when cut into sections can be used as wood and easily hand woven for making furniture. One can stain or give them any colour or style. If you are thinking of bringing rattan furniture indoors it will mix well with existing furniture to create stunning looking rooms and also it costs much less than expected.

Rattan is eco friendly and so by investing in it you contribute towards a greener environment. Moreover, being natural, it does not produce any fumes thus keeping us healthy and safe. Easy to clean, rattan is almost a zero maintenance proposition. For some it is a costly affair, however, if you look at the perks, the costs are worthwhile and so make for an intelligent buy.

The benefits of having rattan furniture

There are a wide variety of styles in which the rattan garden furniture can be purchased. Gone are the days when there were only chairs and tables. Today, you can find cube sets, hanging chairs, day beds, loungers, dining sets and sofa sets.

Durable and Sturdy
Made from high quality HDPE (High density polyethylene) rattan which is then weaved over rust proof aluminium frames to extend its life span , the weaving is done by expert artisans employing traditional weaving methods to ensure that the weave is sturdy and can bear the vagaries of nature.

Low on maintenance
Since high quality HDPE is used, the rattan furniture manufactured is sturdy and only needs to be cleaned intermittently with a damp piece of cloth and a mild detergent. You can alternatively choose a hose pipe to clear any accumulated dirt.

At Brook Rattan, the entire range of rattan garden furniture is manufactured using high quality HDPE which makes is extremely light weight and hence easy to move to allow different configurations and use in other areas.

The entire range manufactured for comes with a 10 year all weather guarantee, which means you need not take the furniture indoors when it rains or snows. You can simply cover them with one of our bespoke rain covers that you can purchase through Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd.

Fire proof and UV resistant
The stylish and the extra thick padded cushions that come with the rattan furniture sets are fire retardant to UK fire safety standards and they are UV resistant too. Moreover the covers can be given a quick wash in the machine if they get dirty.

Storage option
Some of the furniture pieces that are manufactured for come with storage options wherein you can keep the cushions or other necessary items like books, magazines or newspapers.

Useful accessories – Parasols, Rain covers and Lazy Susans
You can ask for a parasol that will save you from scorching hot sun rays, Rain covers that will keep your furniture safe when the weather turns adverse and also Lazy Susan for our bigger round tables.