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Buyer's Guide: Sunbrella Fabric Furniture

Buyer's Guide: Sunbrella Fabric Furniture

Sunbrella actually created for awnings and as an alternative to cotton is now making foray into upholstery and has become a popular choice of UK homeowners. Not just the looks and the styles, there are many reasons why it is a popular choice. Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd UK will discuss some of them here.

Cotton is a versatile material good for all seasons but not fit for the outdoors as the natural elements can be a little harsh like fading off etc. Sunbrella however, makes for a perfect outdoor furniture fabric as it is not a natural but engineered substitute. It has proved its mettle since 1960s when it first entered the markets.

Why invest in Sunbrella Fabric?

Fade Resistant – This property holds special importance for people living in areas that receive bright sunshine. Well, to their respite Sunbrella is a fabric that is dyed in a way that you can leave the sunbrella fabric furniture out under the sun without any worries. So your chosen color would keep shining even after years. The fibre is coloured with a UV stable pigment.

UV Resistant – if you think it’s just fading that the sunbrella fabric fights off, well, it also blocks harmful UV rays to almost 98% making it a versatile fabric suitable for parasols and furniture covers. Sunbrella manufacturers make use of such sewing threads that resist UV sunlight, chemical, water splash and other extreme elements.

Mildew Resistant – Sunbrella as already told, is an engineered fabric, it resists the growth of mildew. Some styles are even waterproof. So, sunbrella fabric is suited for all types of environment; whether you live in a damp area or you get plenty of sunshine.

Easy to clean – Regular cleaning requires removing the dirt with a gentle brush. Or you could even make a solution of soap and lukewarm water. Apply it all over and then rinse the furniture thoroughly and then leave out for complete sun drying.

Well, good news is that some sunbrella fabric can even take bleach. The main worry with applying bleach is that it fades off but in Sunbrella fabric the fibre is saturated to the core of the fabric with colour, so fading does not happen.

Another way to clean Sunbrella is pressure washing. If you notice heavy dirt accumulated over your fabric, you can use a pressure washer to remove off the dirt and get your sparkling sunbrella fabric back again. Just don’t forget to sundry it completely before next use.

Eco Friendly – Sunbrella is made eco friendly from the fabrication process by ensuring minimal water and energy wastage. Also, as Sunbrella Fabric enjoys more durability than other fabrics, they will be in use for long. Also, the manufacturers of sunbrella fabric have a very unique recycling program wherein the used sunbrella fabric is supplied to manufacturers who then transform them into industrial materials.

Rattan Garden Furniture and Sunbrella Fabric – A Time Resistant Combination

Sunbrella Fabric and garden furniture by Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd, are both made form high quality premium raw materials making it a winning combination for the UK homeowners. Both do not require much maintenance and if you are a good care taker, they both will have an estimated lifespan of 10 years of heavy outdoor use. You can now shop with us with full confidence and trust.

After reading all so good things about the awesome sunbrella fabric furniture, the next step – do we need to tell you? Shop with us and invest in durable, super stylish and highly functional sunbrella fabric furniture.