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MASSIVE SALE 10% OFF Automatically applied at Checkout! Sale ends midnight Friday 12th April.

Buyer's Guide: Winawood Garden Furniture

Buyer's Guide: Winawood Garden Furniture

For all the people who love gardening as a passionate activity – they understand that maintaining a garden is just like nurturing a baby. The energy and time that goes into first sowing the seeds or planting the sapling to regular weeding, and watering is all worth if you see flowers blooming all around, the shady trees and their branches dancing merrily. All said an done, it’s not easy. Everything has to be in sync for creating that perfect garden.

Even furniture makes an important part as when all the elements come together, the magic is created. Just like your plants, you’re going to interact with it every day. It might be sipping your favourite morning coffee with your partner or alone, watching your kids play or even host memorable evening parties. So, investing your time in looking for perfect garden furniture makes all sense.

Nothing can match the beauty of wood. It gets into every environment seamlessly and you need nothing more. Wood is natural and gives earthy feeling makes it a perfect adornment for the garden. However, maintaining wooden furniture is really tough. You need to put in a lot of efforts to keep it in good shape and you till might notice cracks, crevices or fading off all due to natural elements. That’s where winawood furniture comes into picture.

Winawood Furniture

It’s made from compressed plastics that give it a hardened structure mimicking like wood in look and feel. It’s all wood like but nit wood. You don’t have to oil it or cover it – just leave them out all throughout the year; they will keep shining!

The Winawood Furniture Range

From dining sets to love seats, coffee seats and benches, Winawood furniture is all weather furniture that promises to offer your comfort without any maintenance. They will not chip off or crack, go brittle or fade under sunlight. They will remain sturdy for years to come.

Winawood furniture is a boon when you live in areas that experiences weather change often. Rain, harsh sun rays, snow all such elements cannot damage the furniture. It gives the feel and look of wood but is plastic. There is no need for any varnishing or painting to prevent it from corrosion or any other treatments. They will not warp or wither off under any conditions.

Easy assembling, it can be set up in minutes all by you. However, we at Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd. offer free installation by experts when they deliver it to you. Choose from the wide range that is available in many stylish options.

Winawood Benches

Benches are a staple for any garden; they can adjust in the smallest of the spaces – patio or conservatory. You can opt for 2 pr 3 seater benches as per the space you have in your garden. You can mix and match the colours of the benches to create a dramatic and colourful impact.

Winawood Love Seats

When you are with the love of your life or your best buddy, these love seats would be complementing you and the situation. With drinks in your hands and parasol on your top to protect you from sun; what all do you need to make your day?

Winawood Dining Sets

Two benches, two armchairs, central table – all of this completes the dining set. It’s perfect for alfresco dining, or even barbecue night with your friends.

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