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Day Beds - Buying Guide

Day Beds - Buying Guide

One of the most common reasons why people buy Day Bed, is because of its numerous functionality. The day bed is multipurpose and can be used for both seating and sleeping purpose. The underneath space can be used to store plenty of items of need. The basic design of Day Bed resemble with something like a sofa set. It is always advisable to match the color combination of the bed with other bedroom furniture as it adds beauty to your space.

Usually, a day bed uses a double sized mattress and is designed for single user. You should consider different elements like a metal frame used in designing and quality of mattresses used before actually purchasing it. Here are some of the important elements needs to be consider before making the final payment for the day bed.

Bed Frames
Since the most part of the frame is visible mostly a wooden or metal frame is used. Sometimes a combination of both is used for the frame design. Mattress support system is equally important as the day bed can be used for both Sitting and dining purpose.
Because a daybed can also be used as a sofa, it should have posh look.

Bed Frame Material
Different frames available in market are based in this are:

Fabric/Leather Frames
Being covered with leather or fabric offering smooth experience, it the most common material used in day bed to offer highest amount of comfort while seating. It provides a soft back to offer pleasant seating.

Wooden Frames
It offer graceful look due to variety of wood particles and peepholes present in wood. Variety of woods like oak, cherry, pine, walnut and many others offer diverse colors, textures and comfort as well. The main disadvantage of using wooden frame is that, it makes the day bed bulky.

Metal/Aluminum Frames
It is the best alternative to the wooden frame as it is lighter, strong and durable too. It is less comfortable compared to others and usually comes with a padded back.

Twin Mattresses' are used with Day Bed, so when buying them look for materials and quality of mattress first. As we know, the Day bed is used for seating therefore always go for soft mattress' for a better seating experience. Different types of mattress material available in market are:

Foam Mattresses
Most popular mattress, offers comfortable seating and sleeping experience. It does not instantly take its original position back thus allowing for a comfortable sleeping experience whilst avoiding back related problems.

Sprung Mattresses
Mattresses meant to be used especially for children, have coils. It offers more support and comfort and is ideal for children.

How to buy day beds from Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd?
Purchasing a day bed online was never so easy. All you needs is a solid Internet connection. First, decide if you want to buy a whole day bed. Now all you have to do is just open the Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd official web page i.e. https://www.rattangardenfurnitureltd.co.uk, and locate the tab that reads Day Bed in the navigation bar/Menu Bar. There, you will see variety of day beds that we offer. You can select any of your choice. Now point the mouse pointer over the product of your choice and click on add to cart. Now if you are going to purchase some more items within that time frame than click on continue shopping else click on view cart & Checkout button. Now enter the billing detail and choose the payment method to complete checkout process. Once the entire checkout process is complete, you will also get the invoice mail.

A Day bed is the best if you are purchasing furniture to be used for both seating and sleeping. It is suitable for both personal use as well as social events. A good looking day bed frame also adds a touch of grace to a bedroom. The drawer installed in day bed can be used for storage purposes. Twin mattresses used in Day Bed also plays a crucial role so always spend some time in R&D while purchasing one. By doing so, you can enjoy extreme level of luxury and comfort.

Some of the Day Bed comes with a thick base cushion and padded scatter cushions installed to offer extra comfort. The cushions are showerproof and have removable and machine washable covers. The Day bed is made from HDPE (High Density Polyurethane) rattan and rust proof, powder coated aluminum frame. It is all-weather and UV resistant which makes it a perfect material for outdoor space.