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MASSIVE SALE 10% OFF Automatically applied at Checkout! Sale ends midnight Friday 12th April.

EBay Garden Furniture vs Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd

eBay Garden Furniture vs Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd

Comparing your own furniture with the other big giants in the markets keeps us afresh with the latest trends, customer expectations and competitive. So, in this post we draw a comparison between ourselves and the ecommerce bargain giant eBay.

eBay is a huge marketplace that has earned a reputation of offering bargains on anything over the years. Everyone stands a strong chance to get a steal bargain, however, that means items are mostly second hand or pre owned. Though no questions on the quality and the upkeep of the furniture items you get on eBay, the quality issues though can be tricky.

Its’ not just individuals who sell on eBay, many businesses like us sell on eBay. We guarantee that the products you get on our website or store, the same quality is what we deliver through eBay.  However, buying from individuals mean that you have to arrange for shipping and so your search is limit to only local people.

At Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd UK we offer free shipping on every order and the shipping experts come and arrange the furniture with you if you ask for. Another point where we think we score over the eBay is when you shop from the same collection. The same collection has the entire furniture under one roof. You can see, choose and pick without hassles and create a synchronous look in your garden. However, you will have to struggle a lot at eBay. Though if you want to pick individual pieces and create a contrasting look, you will definitely find good pieces at good prices on eBay.

The shopping experience at both the websites is different as we discussed and it all depends on individual preferences. Both the websites allow you to navigate seamlessly, apply filters like materials size, no of chairs, colours, etc. to make your selection faster and easier.

One difference that strikes out is the brand name. At Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd you know you are buying from one of the best garden furniture manufacturers and so there won’t be any questions on quality, after sales service, shipping etc. eBay focuses more on the type of furniture rather than brand. (This might be of concern when you are looking for branded furniture).

We operate through online and two offline stores across UK where you can walk in, test, examine, measure and talk to the design experts and then make your decision. On eBay, you can’t be sure whether the pictures shared are genuine or not since it comes from the individual and not businesses most of the times.

Since we have a dedicated customer service, so all your queries can be answered and solved by the representatives. eBay too has customer care but it is a huge marketplace dealing in hundreds and thousands of stuffs, so all your queries won’t get answered quickly.

To sum up, if you’re looking for individual pieces at bargain and you don’t have any issues using old furniture, you can definitely consider buying from eBay furniture. But, if you want to buy top quality furniture that comes with warranty and answers all your concerns and queries through an extremely professional customer service, you can look upon Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd as your trusted and committed partner in delivering happiness to your homes.