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Fun Activities for Kids During Lockdown

Fun Activities for Kids During Lockdown

This coronavirus has changed the world economics, the way we used to live our everyday lives and everything. It’s true that we can see nature blossoming again, wild animals can be seen on roads, the skies are clearer, the air less polluted; but amidst all we are facing another major issue: engaging the children productively at homes. Schools are closed and we have to work from home. Every time we cannot ask the kids to study so here we share some fun activities that you can engage your kids in during this lockdown period.

The idea of these fun activities is to not allow them to fall in the trap of excessive screen viewing or spending too much time on devices.

Cooking together is fun

Cooking – it’s not just mom or grandma’s work at home. It’s a life skill and everybody should know about basic cooking. This lockdown is the perfect time to teach this skill to your kids. There won’t be any kid on this earth who doesn’t like cake. So, you can teach them how to bake a cake or make their favourite choco chip cookies. And if you also don’t know how to do, it would be a learning experiencing for you too.

Dress Up your way

Kids love to play the dress up games. However, giving them total liberty will give wings to their creativity. Yes, there would be a little mess around the home but you can clean it together afterwards. Let them be as adventurous as they want to. You would be amused that how closely they observe everyone around them and take note of even smallest details.

Be Crafty

Craft projects – some might be in your child’s mind or you. You can even take inspiration from Pinterest, Google, and YouTube etc. Best out of waste is the best activity to make them more creative. You can even have a contest around this where every member of the family makes something out of the waste and then speak what led them to make this.

Play outdoors

If you have an outdoor space please make use of it. You can play some games with your kids or even catch a book reading or even afternoon nap. This way you will also get you sunshine dose which is very important too. you can do skipping, play hopscotch or even do some yoga and other exercises in your backyard garden. For a fun family time you can cook barbecue on your fire pit dining set and catch up old memories with your family. Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd. has a host of styles in fire pit dining. You can visit our stores and checkout.

Clean up the Mess

With everyone at home all the time, the home is going to be in a mess. You can ask your children to help in clearing the mess and this could be fun for them if you make it as a game. The one whose room is the cleanest in the shortest possible time will be a winner. You can cook their favourite dish or play their favourite game with them. Rewards are always area great way to encourage kids to participate in household activities and its a fun way to learn too.

Follow them sometimes

Children are more creative than us as their imagination is not limited to anything. If your child some day comes with a game that they’ve designed by themselves, listen to them and then also play with them. This way their imagination will get wings and their time is also spend productively.

Make the most of your lockdown period. This time will not come again when you get to spend so long time with family. Create beautiful memories capture the photos and stay safe.