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Garden Design Ideas For Your Beautiful Home

Garden Design Ideas For Your Beautiful Home

Got a garden in the front of your new home? Well, to make it look beautiful and inviting for guests here we bring you some creative garden design ideas which you could use to beautify your garden space.

First and foremost, get some plants

Well, the first and the foremost is to plant trees. However, this needs to be thought well. You just can’t put the [plants in any random order and get a beautiful garden. If the garden is in the front yard, you have to look for plants that are not big in size as it will cover up the space and block the view and the light.

Get planters of different varieties like ceramic, plastic, tin planters, DIY planters like mason jars – all this will add to the visual appeal of the garden.

Plants and Art Go Together

If you have an artistic bent of mind, why not use it in beautifying your garden space. Invest in some vintage style planters or art pieces and keep it together with your pots and planters. You are surely going to win praises from friends and family. Or if you have an art piece at home that you want to replace or get refurbished, use it in the garden. Save money plus beautify your space. Isn’t this cool?

Create comfortable and cosy seating space

When you have kids around, comfort and safety should be the prime consideration. Fence the garden and choose soft grass so that they do not get hurt when they fall while playing. For you, you can keep sun loungers or day beds wherein you can bask under the sun or catch a small nap or even enjoy watching kids playing. At Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd, we have sun loungers, day beds made from high quality HDPE rattan which is weather proof and so virtually no maintenance is required.

Dining Space

If it is the backyard garden where plants and trees bring in the decorative element, add a functional touch with furniture like dining sets, sofas sets, etc. Your backyard garden is now ready to host parties and entertain your guests all through the year. Dining sets with fire pits are catching up as a new trend. Check out for some interesting fire pit sets at Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd.

Work upon lighting

It’s not always has to be an expensive investment when we talk of lighting. Bring in some fairy lights, twinkle lights and just hand multiple strings in any arrangement and see how you have turned your outdoor garden space into cool summer hangout with friends and family.

Lanterns that can hang front the trees if you have them in your backyard is a highly functional idea and moreover, it will bring that old world, vintage feel to your garden.

Create an accent wall if possible

if you have a bare wall and not getting how to use it, well an old ladder will do the trick. Get some succulent plants, plant them in hanging planters and hang it over the ladder. So, now your bare wall has suddenly become the focal point of your garden. A quick DIY to create an accent wall that works for your space!

We hope that now you have enough inspiration for design your garden space.