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How can I make my garden space more usable?

How can I make my garden space more usable?

Garden space is all about putting up some plants and furniture and you are good togo! If you think the same, reading this post will make you understand that there is a lot more you can do with your garden space. No, we are not saying to clutter your garden with furniture and other things rather making use of every inch of your garden space judiciously.

Use height – for a small garden space, make use of walls more instead of the floor area. Use creepers, hanging baskets, window boxes etc to adorn the wall spaces. You can even think of living wall gardens. Just attach a wooden or a metal pallet to the bare wall and fill with planters until it looks like a vertical carpet.

This will draw all the attention upwards giving the smaller space a bigger feel. This way you will also add a wow factor to your garden.

Diagonal Pavements – here is a small trick, instead of placing the pavements squarely, put them in a diamond shape. This will give an optical illusion of a bigger garden. You can even make use of stones, mixed broken slabs. They also look fashionable and are in trend.

Add Trees – large trees give your little space a good height and carve a private corner. Canopy trees like cherry plum or olive trees will give a leafy roof and not take much space on ground. Go for decorative and ornamental trees, they will beautify your space also.

Clever use of furniture – A small garden needs clever use of furniture as otherwise it will eat up the already small space. Prefer rattan bistro table set instead of bulky benches or chairs. Rattan garden furniture offers many seating and styling options for every garden space.

Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd brings to you an extensive and exclusive collection of furniture – sofa sets, bistro, dining sets, corner sofa, fire pit dining sets, and other accessories all made from premium quality HDPE.

Sound and movement –  Add point of interest to your garden. Use water features like water fountains to create a tranquil ambience that you will enjoy after a hectic long day after work.

Create your own private world – Small garden are difficult to keep away from the prying eyes of the neighbours. However, you can do so by installing arches and pergolas and then covering the walls with climbers. Beware that you don’t use faster growing climbers that require frequent pruning as they grow very fast.

Attract Wildlife – Well, this will not make your space look big but will bring a more natural feel to your space. You don’t need a big space to bring nature home. Use bird boxes, feeding stations, roosting pouches to attract birds and insects. Plant flowers that please bees and butterflies and also make your garden look brighter and colourful.

No matter how small your garden space is, if you use these clever tricks and then design your garden space, it will surely make your space look bigger and better. Go out, design your garden space and enjoy it with you and your loved ones.