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How Do You Decorate a Garden Space This New Year Eve So It Looks Good?

How Do You Decorate a Garden Space This New Year Eve So It Looks Good?

New year is round the corner and it is the time to party and spend some quality time with friends and family and bid adieu to the year 2022 in style. With restaurants, pubs and hotels already getting booked full-house for the New Year’s Eve, it is time to design something exclusive.


The best thing is redesigning your garden to make it party-worthy in just a few steps. It can be done without needing much outside help and you can promote it as a family activity to involve your family members and engage with them. Indeed, redesigning your garden space on your own can be fun. Let us explore some ideas that we can implement while decorating our garden space this New Year’s Eve to make it look good.

Decorating the Garden with Lights

Decorating your garden for the party at night is incomplete without beautiful lights. You can use rice lights, lasers and other options available in the market. You should however, keep in mind to not over-decorate the area and make the garden dazzle at night. Also, you should not forget to electrically isolate all the connections and sockets to prevent from any unwanted accidents.

Mowing your Garden to Remove Excess Grass

A well-trimmed garden can change the whole perspective of the area and make the garden look exceptionally beautiful. If you have plants in your garden, you can trim them properly in a shape to make them look clean and beautiful.

Decorating your Garden with an Artificial Fountain

If you have space for a small fountain, you can install one in your garden and provide proper water supply to it. A water element changes the whole perspective of the area and you need not make additional arrangements to make it inclusive. The melodious music coming out of fountain will add more trance to your decoration.

Arranging for a Music System

Partying on the New Year’s Eve without music cannot be imagined. Installing music system and speakers in all parts of the garden will allow you to add melody in the environment. But do keep in mind the allowed sound decibels at night and prevent from your neighbours calling the cops.

Decorating your Garden with Fresh and Artificial Flowers

A garden without flowering plants is like a river without fishes. You can plant some colourful flowering plants that will add beauty to your garden. Due to time constraints, you can purchase flower pots and install them in your garden directly.

In case you have enough space left in patios and on the walls, you can ornate them with artificial flowers of different designs. Adding fragrance to these flowers will accentuate the mood of the party.

Proper Arrangement of Outdoor Furniture

With all arrangements above done successfully, it is now time to make way for furniture. Appropriate arrangement of seating plays a major role in making a garden party very successful. For outdoors, you can select rattan garden furniture. Depending upon the available space, you can select rattan sofa sets, rattan dining table, chairs, cubes and couches.

In addition to it, you can also select cushions for these furniture sets depending upon the theme of your garden. You can select the cushions of the same colour as your furniture or go for white or black cushions that go well in all combinations. In case you want to add colour to the arrangement, you can select the punchy coloured cushions to add an element of drama in your decoration.


Adding Firepits or Making Bonfire Arrangements

With cold chilling weather outside, partying can be difficult if there is not heat source in the middle. You can either make proper arrangements for bonfire or buy rattan furniture with built-in firepits. Rattan dining table with firepit or rattan coffee table with firepit can be a good example in this case.

If you make arrangements for bonfire, you will have to be extra cautious as it may cause fire if not taken care of. An expert from your group should keep an eye on the burning bonfire. Also, you should make proper arrangements for fire extinguishers and water as a precautionary measure.


It may sound very easy initially but it can be a tough task to decorate your garden and that too in such a short span of time. However, purchasing the outdoor rattan furniture can definitely be an easy task. You can directly visit the Rattan Garden Furniture store and order furniture for your garden and get them delivered directly to your home.