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How Long Does Coronavirus Survive on Garden Furniture?

How Long Does Coronavirus Survive on Garden Furniture?

Coronavirus has already crippled the world breaking the world economy. It has spread worldwide from person-to-person contact and the toll is increasing day by day. The virus spreads through coughs, sneezes of an infected person. If the person coughs and sneezes without the mask, the droplets can travel in the air and settle even on surfaces. Depending on the nature of the material of the surface, it can stay alive for hours to days. And this increases your chances of contracting the virus to a greater extent.

We at Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd. Have tried to collate all the information from reliable sources on how Covid-19 virus can stay alive and what kind of disinfectant can kill it. Hop e the article helps you protect your furniture and your loved ones from this virus.

Wood Furniture – Doctors and experts say that Covid virus can live on wood surface for 4 – 5 days. We understand that there are many things wood in your home – your kitchen cabinets, table, chairs, TV unit etc.,,, the list is endless. If you have wooden garden furniture the risk can double up if there is too much moisture in the air. The virus thrives faster in areas with high moisture.

Metal Surfaces – They are more susceptible to coronavirus attack than the wooden surfaces. The virus can stay alive much longer than their wooden counterpart. Your door knobs, silverware, light fixtures all pose a greater threat.

Stainless Steel – The covid -19 virus will stay alive on steel surfaces for two to three days. Your kitchen sink that is made of stainless steel or your dishwasher, your cabinets and even certain utensils, refrigerator etc. are all stainless steel. You might have chairs of iron coated with stainless steel to protect from corrosion. All these are vulnerable to the virus. Some of your furniture pieces have got legs of steel for sturdiness and even style.

Glass – Your table top glass can keep the virus alive for 5 days! Your drinking glasses, mirrors and even your window panes for that matter are all glass.

Fabric – Until now if we go by the experts view, soft surfaces pose lower threat than other surfaces. However, that does not mean that you are not going to disinfect or wash your bedsheets, couches etc. The fabric furniture usually requires more care than the other materials as dust and dirt can easily settle in.

However, our sunbrella fabric furniture and Rope furniture offer a sturdy and safer alternative. They are super easy to clean and very low on maintenance. Since they are also resistant to sun damage and moisture and termite resistant, they are a great choice if you want to invest in garden furniture. You can leave them outdoors and they would stay sturdy and shining.

What can you do?

The only way until now is prevention and protection as the vaccine is still worked upon. Keep disinfecting the furniture, door knobs, kitchen sinks, table tops, laptops, glass tops, phones, keys etc. Just keep in mind that you have to clean and disinfect the frequently used surfaces. It might take longer to clean but anything for us and our loved ones, Makes sense!