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How Outdoor Space Help To Boost Your Immunity?

How Outdoor Space Help To Boost Your Immunity?

Being outdoors is always a fun time but did you know that scientists also endorse being spending time outdoors every day? It is good for many reasons – great for body, mind and soul. Let us today rattan garden furniture ltd. delve deep into the various scientific reasons that prove why you stay close to your Mother Nature.

 Boost your energy

 What is your daily dose of energy? Please don’t say a cup of coffee. Try to cut on your caffeine levels and sit outdoors. Just 20 minutes of sitting outside will charge you up faster and for longer as compared to your coffee or tea.

Good for mental health

Many studies have shown that taking a stroll outside after lunch or even evening stroll will lower your depression levels and hence improve mental health. Being outdoors brings a change of place and definitely a change in environment.

Reduce stress

When we are outdoors as per many studies, our bodies produce lesser of pro inflammatory cytokines and so we have a healthier state of mind. When you are in a positive frame of mind, our feel good transmitter - serotonin levels increase.

Amplify your Vitamin D levels

We all know that sunrays are a good source of Vitamin D. and there are many less food items that supplement for Vitamin D. So let the sunshine get soaked by your body so that your immune functions are all charged up and you can also reduce inflammation.

However, make sure that you do not stay outdoors for long hours without sunscreen. 10-15 minutes of sunshine is ample for making up for daily dose of Vitamin D.

Immunity booster

Plants release a chemical phytoncides in air and when we people breathe in they can increase our white blood cells levels. We all know that the white blood cells help us war off infections and diseases. So, when you spend time outdoors you are increasing your body’s healing powers. The body pains are also less and your ability to do the daily activities also improve. 

Increase memory and attention span

Your ability to focus also improves when you get your daily dose of sunshine. Your creative juices also start flowing when you take a walk outside every morning. So whenever at work, you feel a lack of concentration just take a break and go for a nature walk. It will help restore your concentration and focus.

 Quality of Sleep improves

We all including plants and animals have a circadian rhythm that is linked actually to the sun’s schedule. So, if you are suffering from irregular sleep problems or insomnia, try to get some sunlight. This circadian rhythm will get in place and you will get better sleep.

Enhance your creativity

If you think that you are not able to creatively think about a project, it is good to go outdoors. You might have heard many script writers take on to the mountains whenever they have to write on a different or say a difficult subject. There have been studies in the past that shows that creativity levels jump almost by 50 percent when you are aloof from the whole world.

Boost Self esteem

Now, when you get a good night sleep, your mood is uplifted and you are feeling energized; all this automatically will help you boost your self esteem. So, we should encourage our friends and family to spend time outdoors for 10-15 minutes. This will make them healthy physically and mentally.

So, all these points make us believe that outdoors are great to be. If you have a great outdoor lawn, garden, even a small patio or conservatory, please plan it. Put some good furniture and create a beautiful seating space.

Choose your garden furniture wisely. It should not only be stylish and look awesome but should serve practical purpose as well. Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd. brings to you its exclusive and extensive range of garden furniture – rattan, rope and aluminium. You can shop from different styles of furniture – sofa sets, cube sets, loungers, fire pit dining sets, day beds, swinging chairs, etc. Stay outdoors, enjoy good health and enjoy your furniture too!