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How to Create a Garden Suitable for Daytime and Evening

How to Create a Garden Suitable for Daytime and Evening

A garden is an element that brings you close to nature even when you are at home. With more people moving into modern apartments, having a garden of your own has become a luxury these days. But if you have a garden, you can make it a perfect place to spend time during the daytime and in the evening to relax and rejuvenate from this stressed life.


Redesigning your garden for daytime is completely different from decorating it for the evening. Let us find out how we can design our garden to make it suitable for spending time both during the day and after the sun has set.


Preparing your Garden for the Daytime

Adding a few elements and removing some might make your garden a perfect place to hang out during the day. Let us find out how:

  1. Adding Sunshade and Parasols

Sunshades and parasols provide you shade in the outdoor and prevent direct sunlight. You can use big sunshades and set up chairs and a central table to have a relaxing time in the garden.

  1. Rattan Furniture

You can use rattan garden furniture such as chairs, tables, swings, sofa sets, etc. These are natural products and go well with every theme in the garden. These products can withstand harsh weather conditions making them sturdy and durable for outdoor seating. You can purchase them economically in rattan garden furniture sale.

  1. Sunbeds and Pool Chairs

If you have a swimming pool in your garden, sunbeds and pool chairs become an integral part of your set up. It is a well-known fact that most of the time spent outdoors during the day is near the pool. Having pool chairs will add a new dimension to your garden.

  1. Swings and Hammocks

Who does not like to spend a sunny afternoon relaxing on a swing or a hammock? Be it children, adults or older people, everyone loves spending some peaceful time on a hammock. These hammocks can be made of cotton, wool, nylon or rattan. Rattan furniture are versatile and can bear heavy weights as well.

  1. Sofa and Setees

You can add a sofa set or setee in your garden. These are extremely comfortable furniture and you can enjoy a cool drink and relax on a sofa on a sunny afternoon. These come in various shapes, sizes and colours and you can choose the one that best matches with the theme of your garden. If placed inside a patio, you can use cotton sofa covers as well. For outdoors, you can select rexin covers or leather upholstery to give it a royal look.


How to Decorate your Garden for the Evening

The requirements during the evening or night changes completely when compared to a sunny afternoon especially in Essex. If you intend to spend some quality time in your garden in the evening, you should make special arrangements for the same. Let us find some ideas that can help us decorate the garden for the evening.

  1. Firepits

English evenings can be chilling cold at times and if you intend to use your garden for evenings, you should always add a firepit to your set up. A bonfire in the evening changes the mood completely and makes the atmosphere lively and enjoyable.

  1. Decorative Lights

There are numerous decorative lights available in the market. If you want to decorate your garden or parts of the area based on a specific theme, you can use these decorative lights to add flavour to the garden.

  1. Barbecue Grill Oven

A cool evening outdoors without barbecue won’t complete your setup for the evening. Enjoying your evening with friends and relatives with a barbecue setup can make it a memorable experience.


It all depends on your creativity and choice as to what you want in your garden and how you want it to be. Rattan furniture in Essex can be an excellent choice owing to its capacity to withstand harsh climate and affordability. So, if you are planning to decorate your garden, do consider rattan garden furniture in Essex and make your garden the liveliest place of your house.