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How to secure rattan garden furniture in a hurricane?

How to secure rattan garden furniture in a hurricane?

Patio or garden furniture looks good in the patio or the backyard only welcoming the guests for Alfresco lunch or dinner or barbecue nights and not being blown away by strong winds or hurricanes. Yes, that’s the real truth. When you have invested so much time and money and probably some might have even waited to buy their dream rattan garden furniture, you deserve to enjoy it fully. So, you need to think about keeping it secured in the hurricane season. Let us read on to know how can you prepare well for the hurricane season and secure your garden or patio furniture.

Garden Trees
You can plant thick garden trees, they will act as a barricade for the speeding winds from blowing away your prized possession. Trees absorb the force and reduce it further and lessen the impact on other things. They will also provide you fresh air and add to the beauty of your garden.

Heavy Outdoor Furniture
Wood, iron, aluminium all are heavy duty materials and they can take the pressure of the heavy winds. Furniture offered by Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd UK ensure that we use high quality rust proof aluminium frames on which high quality rattan weaves are intricately weaved. Plastic furniture is a bad option for garden and patio.

Furniture Covers
Your furniture covers not only happen to help you during rain or snow. They can even help you when the hurricane struck. As you have put the furniture together under one cover, it can brace the strong winds bravely. The cover is made from waterproof material and is also resistant to natural elements.

Bungee Cords
Take a bungee cord and tie the furniture together with a strong tree or pole, this is a simple but effective way to secure your patio furniture from strong winds. Make sure you have secured the cable tightly.

Use Earthquake Gels
It is applied under the legs of the furniture so that the furniture stays in place even in the event of strong wind or hurricane. This gel was actually devised for glass tops to keep them secured with the surface but we love the way people are using it now to secure their furniture too.
The adhesive is quite strong and you would be unable to move the furniture around. But there must be some ways to remove the adhesive, you will have to look for them or ask for expert advice.

Take them indoors
When you are not able to come up with ideas to secure your garden furniture, it is advisable to move them indoors or store them in the garage. Rattan Garden furniture can easily be taken in and stored without any worries.

During hurricane or adverse climatic conditions whatever steps you might take, this will not ensure that the furniture will stay 100% safe. You will also not love to spend on replacing, repairing or cleaning the outdoor furniture when you have an option to store it.

The bottom line is that when you secure your garden furniture, you not save it from blowing away but also save huge on repairs and replacement of damaged or missing pieces.