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How to stay active & healthy in garden during lockdown?

How to stay active & healthy in garden during lockdown?

With the Covid -19 pandemic striking all over the world forcing us to stay indoors, normal exercise and outdoor activities routine has gone for a toss. No gyms or fitness centres are opened, trainers can’t come home, so what we can do to stay active and healthy. To ward off the lockdown blues, Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd UK discuss with you some ways following which you can stay active and healthy even when at home.

Move you exercise regimen outside

When you are blessed with a backspace garden, why to work out in front of TV or in the living room? Nothing can match the freshness of morning air. So, now when you have to stay at home all the time, your garden can be your go to for staying healthy and active. The weather is turning warm, so it is the best time to work out outdoors. You can try on yoga workouts, strength or cardio training etc.

Participate in some fun time games with your family

When you have kids or a large family, it is important to engage with them and spend some quality time. Plan some outdoor team games like Nerf battles – this ensures that you not only play outdoors but also stay physically active and get your dose of Vitamin D. Another of such exciting game is Tag which will not only keep you on your toes but get your brains working too.

Learn some gardening

When you have a garden, why not spend time now to look after it and get it blossoming with spring flowers. You can even have a small kitchen garden where you can plant some kitchen herbs and low maintenance veggies. You can even involve your kids; these days there are many online tutorials for kids teaching them about easy to grow veggies and herbs in their kitchen garden.

A camping tent in your garden to entertain your kids

A camping tent will bring your kids outdoors and keep them away from gadgets too. they will even get the much required Vitamin D dose. The camping tent can be used as play area, reading nook or even to catch a nap during the day time.

Enjoy barbecue nights

If you have fire pit in your garden, you can plan a lovely barbecue evening with yoru family members. Kids can be engaged in preparing for the marinades for the barbecues or even collecting twigs and sticks from the garden.

If you are looking for fire pits, we suggest that you order fire pit dining tables. They are just like killing two birds with one stone. You can not only cook but sit and enjoy as well. They are fire compliant and come with a glass covering to avoid the fire to spread and even come with extra storage space for storing fuel. These fire pits are CE registered and fit safely in the dining table. The fire pit dining table range is available in many colours and weaves. Made from high quality HDPE rattan, they are weaved intricately over rust proof aluminium frames and this adds many years to the furniture and also means low maintenance. Check out our stores in Essex.

Indulge in some daily outdoor sports

Cricket, badminton, football, tennis are some of the games that you can play in your backyard though at a small scale. This has multiple benefits. You not only keep active and healthy but also bring entire family together irrespective of their age and create beautiful memories.