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How to stop my rattan furniture from blowing?

How to stop my rattan furniture from blowing?

Your favourite outdoor furniture was there the last night but with the strong storm during night blow your furniture away. High and strong winds are a cause for concern for many homeowners. So, we’ve tried to collect all the ways that can help you stop your rattan garden furniture from blowing. Rattan Furniture Ltd has extensive collection of high quality HDPE rattan furniture that you can safely anchor and prevent from blowing away following these tips.

Tie your furniture with sandbags- This is one of the easiest and probably the quickest method one can try to secure the furniture during strong winds. Get some canopy sandbags and tie them with furniture. let us see some other solutions that can work.

A Windbreak – Garden fanatics, you’re going to love this green addition to your gardens. Build a wall of tall plants, thus will act as a natural barrier keeping the strong winds from damaging your furniture. it will add to the decor of your garden rather than looking more of a massive structure placed in yoru backyard.

Invest in heavy duty furniture covers

Sometimes, we want to save money don’t want to invest in furniture covers. But they are a real need when you live in areas that witness strong winds and storms for most part of the year. Once the furniture is covered you would be relieved of the worry f your furniture getting blown away. It is advisable to invest in them while you are purchasing your furniture as you might get them for less rather than buying later.

Stack your furniture in a corner

Sometimes the homeowners don’t have enough space indoors to keep the patio furniture safe from elements. However, you can stack them in a corner or near a wall. This way, they will remain outdoors and also stay protected from heavy wind gusts. These days manufacturers are coming up with nesting furniture which is so easy and effortless. In minutes you are able to stack all your furniture through a inner lock system that gives a cean finished look instead of a big pile kept at a corner.

Bungee Cords

This one is again a short and quick way to secure your furniture from harsh weather conditions. Tie your furniture with cords several times and then tie to any immovable strong object. This will create a tight snug fit and offer high resistance to strong winds and storm.

Bring your outdoor furniture indoor

Now, don’t say,” Is it possible?” or “Why it did not come to my mind earlier?”. We as experts in rattan garden furniture telling you that you can very well bring your extremely stylish and functional outdoor furniture indoors and add a wow element to your room.

So, here were some ways that we collated and shared with you in this blog posts to help you save your furniture from blowing away in winds. Outdoor furniture is not just luxury but they are extremely practical and functional to be invested in. Don’t make the harsh nature elements prevent you from investing in really cool and sophisticated rattan garden furniture.