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MASSIVE SALE 10% OFF Automatically applied at Checkout! Sale ends midnight Friday 12th April.

IKEA Garden Furniture vs Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd

IKEA Garden Furniture vs Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd

Buying garden furniture online or offline – there is a lot of research involved. Today, we have tried to help you with making an informed garden furniture buying decision. We are Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd and we are going to compare our own extensive and exclusive rattan garden furniture range with another huge retailer-IKEA.

IKEA offers a comprehensive range of garden furniture – outdoor furniture, flooring barbecue, outdoor storage etc. however, there is a catch. All the items are flat packed and so need assembly. When you see our products, they come with no assembly or minimal assembly (owner can himself assemble, no need for professional help).

Moreover, flat packed furniture is usually cheaper than the fully assembled one. This is not so much in the case of IKEA furniture. They are priced at nearly same the price as ours for similar items. The advantage of buying fully assembled garden furniture is that it makes the furniture stronger and durable than their flat packed counterparts.

Counting on the positives of the IKEA’s garden furniture, you can buy only one item as per your requirement. For e.g. you want one outdoor chair, one modular sofa piece, you can buy it. This may sound great to some who want to select individual items but the time and effort is going to be too much. Also there are chances of a mismatch.

Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd does not offer individual items but the weatherproof warranty that comes with it gives you an assurance of replacement in case of any damage.

Our product line is crafted by expert artisans and each piece is intricately weaved to offer the best durability and style to the furniture. Our latest range in rattan garden furniture is the fire pit tables. They are weatherproof. So you can leave them out all throughout the year with no concerns.

you can walk in IKEA and our stores or shop online. However, at our stores you will get to met the experts who will guide you at every step with their expertise on rattan garden furniture. At IKEA stores, you are left to trust your own knowledge as the salesman would not be able to help you. However, at both the store you can view, sit, measure the furniture to your satisfaction and then make a choice.

Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd allows you to book your furniture and then give you a delivery date, whereas at IKEA you can directly buy it and keep it in your car (if it fits in) and take away. At both the stores, you can buy both in-store or online and you would find great yearend sales or stock clearance sales where you can buy your furniture at a steal deal.

So, now wherever you purchase your garden furniture from, a thorough research on durability, materials and competitive price is important. Our stores are open on all seven days and we offer competitive pricing with no compromise on quality.

If you need more help or have further questions or concerns on rattan garden furniture, you can talk to our experts over phone, drop an e-mail or visit in-store.