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Rattan Furniture Maintenance 101: Dos and Don'ts

Rattan Furniture Maintenance 101: Dos and Don'ts

Rattan Garden Furniture from Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd. is a great option if you're searching for patio or garden area furniture. We provide weatherproof rattan constructed entirely of excellent HDPE (high-density polyethylene). This synthetic material has a number of benefits, including durability and lifespan.

Even though regular maintenance and care are still necessary for your rattan furniture. Likely, you will soon be pulling out the patio furniture and rummaging through your wardrobe. Ultimately, spring will arrive sooner rather than later. After being stored for a while, rattan frequently needs a little TLC to make it appear brand new.

This blog post will demonstrate the ideal way to maintain your rattan furniture. So continue reading to learn more!

We are aware of your tendency to want to put your outdoor furniture back after cleaning and upkeep. Its upkeep and cleaning are simple. To extend the life and improve the appearance of your furniture, follow the instructions below.

Why is it necessary to maintain the Rattan furniture regularly?

Even though rattan furniture is stunning, it needs to be cleaned frequently to prolong its life and keep enhancing your décor.

Because of its many nooks, crannies, and crevices, rattan furniture tends to gather dust, especially when stored outside. These cracks will gather dust and debris if the furniture is not cleaned regularly, which will settle there.

Although this will be ugly to look at, the dust and particles here are carriers of bacteria other pathogens, and mildew, and they could potentially be insect infestation places. In the end, the rattan furniture's lifespan will be shortened.

There are numerous methods for maintaining the quality of rattan furniture. Certain techniques work best with genuine rattan furniture, while others work better with rattan garden furniture.

How often is cleaning necessary for rattan furniture?

It is advised to perform a basic cleaning once a week and a deeper cleaning with extra washing once a month. To obtain the longevity of rattan furniture, regular cleaning is required.

For weekly cleaning

To get rid of all the dust and debris from the nooks and crevices, use a brush. To remove dust from those hard-to-reach places and angles, use a toothbrush or other equivalent fine tool. A Hoover cleaner can also be used to effectively remove dust, and this should be done once a week.

This is an effective cleaning regimen for furniture made of rattan garden furniture. To avoid scratching the surface of the furniture, please make sure you use a soft cloth or brush with soft bristles.

For monthly cleaning

To properly maintain the rattan furniture, adhere to the following steps:

Gently remove any surface dust, grime, or debris with a soft-bristled brush or a Hoover cleaner equipped with a brush attachment. Particular attention should be given to weaving areas and cracks where dirt could collect.

Pour some warm water into a bucket and mix in a tiny bit of dish soap or detergent. As an alternative, you can make a natural cleaning solution by combining equal parts water and white vinegar.

Gently squeeze out any extra liquid by dipping a soft cloth or sponge into the cleaning solution. To avoid the rattan from becoming wet, the fabric should be slightly damp but not completely saturated.

Using a damp cloth or sponge, carefully clean the rattan furniture, focusing on tiny areas at a time. To keep the fibres from being harmed, scrub gently; don't scrub too hard.

After cleaning the furniture, use a moist cloth or sponge dipped in clean water to wipe away any soap residue. To avoid water damage and the growth of mould, dry the rattan completely right away with a gentle cloth.

To preserve and accentuate the rattan's natural sheen, you can optionally add a small coat of furniture polish or wax. For optimal outcomes, make sure you adhere to the manufacturer's directions.

Tips for Maintaining Rattan Furniture


To prevent harming the furniture, use the least amount of suction when vacuuming it. Before cleaning and washing each piece of furniture separately, remove all of the cushions and upholstery.

Rattan furniture should not be exposed to intense heat or sunlight since this might dry up and break the material.

To shield rattan surfaces from heat, wetness, and scratches from hot dishes or drink glasses, use placemats or coasters. Dust or hoover rattan furniture frequently to keep it clean and free of dust accumulation.


Rattan furniture must be regularly cleaned and dusted to maintain its longevity and aesthetic appeal. Instead of waiting until stains and grime have gathered, include cleaning in your everyday upkeep of the house.

All you need to remove the dust and grime is a moist cloth. Never submerge a piece of furniture in soapy water in its entirety.

Don't use water to clean the furniture on a chilly day without any wind. The furniture won't

dry out as quickly and there's a greater chance of mould developing.

In summary

Purchasing furniture is an expensive and unique experience. Every homeowner wants to spend their money on long-lasting furnishings. They will have to make even more careful decisions if they intend to expand their outside living area.

To keep rattan furniture at its best, cleaning it needs a little care and attention. You can contribute to keeping your rattan furniture looking beautiful for many years to come by vacuuming, dusting it frequently, and giving it a quick cleaning. Your rattan furniture can remain an attractive and useful addition to your house with the right upkeep and care.