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Rattan vs. Wood: Which is the Best Choice for Your Garden Furniture?

Rattan vs. Wood: Which is the Best Choice for Your Garden Furniture?

If your home has a small garden space, you should make the most of it. The right outdoor furniture may transform this area into a calm lounge or a social hub, depending on how you use it. Bespoke furniture pieces for the patio, balcony, or garden furniture should be weatherproof and able to tolerate moisture, intense sunlight, and strong winds. When selecting outdoor furniture, consideration should be given to the type of material, comfort, climate, durability, price, and aesthetics.

Let's look at the materials that are best for you to use in outdoor furniture:

It's not easy to decorate an outdoor area, especially regarding materials. We all want long-lasting furniture that is simple to maintain or rearrange and, of course, as inexpensive as feasible. Wood and synthetic rattan seem to be the most widely used materials among the many others.

Choosing the ideal patio furniture can cause any homeowner to experience this emotion. What kind of material is suitable for outdoor furniture?

In this blog post, let's find out: To help you make an informed decision, we will compare various wood and rattan outdoor furniture here based on several criteria.

Resilience to weather

Nothing can argue with the fact that outdoor furniture must be able to endure constant exposure to harsh outside conditions.

Wood and other natural materials are not very durable after prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures outside in a variety of weather conditions.

In contrast, outdoor rattan furniture composed of synthetic materials like plastic is resistant to weather effects such as high moisture content and constant direct sunlight. This is in contrast to natural rattan furniture. It seems to be more resilient to weather and a more durable option overall.


Cost is often a significant consideration when furnishing the outside areas of a house, and synthetic materials are typically less expensive than natural ones.

In actuality, though, costs differ according to the kind of wood. Rattan outdoor furniture is relatively inexpensive compared to teak, oak, maple, and other wooden furniture, which is significantly more expensive.


When choosing furniture, one should think of aesthetics. Synthetic Rattan furniture is made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). We offer top-quality, unbeatable elegance, a timeless material that complements many interior design styles. Use natural looking, white, black, or grey rattans for a more modern aesthetic.

These subdued hues look great with cosy firepits and stylish metallic accents. Do you need a little more glitz? Adorn your seats with big blankets and velvet cushions. Add vibrant plants, fairy lights, and hidden mirrors to complete the design.

Ideal Indoors and Outside

It's common knowledge that rattan furniture is ideal for outdoor use. However, to achieve a more modern aesthetic, many people are now opting to bring their furniture inside. Because of the superior material, it looks good indoors in shades of grey, black, or natural brown. It's a sophisticated, understated statement that will never go out of style.

Even on cloudy days, you can still enjoy the outside appeal thanks to the warm, carefree touch provided by the rattan fibres.

Moves with ease

Rattan patio furniture is ideal if you enjoy experimenting and keeping up with the newest styles because it is lightweight; even the most lazy do-it-yourselfers can manoeuvre it, so you can keep designing new outdoor areas.

Additionally, a large garden is optional to accommodate rattan furniture. With two cosy chairs and a little side table, the modest yet attractive two-seater lounge set from the dining set collection is sure to please.

Upgrade your outdoor space with our superior outdoor furniture

It's easy to revitalise your garden with our weatherproof rattan garden furniture. Every collection combines timeless beauty with usefulness to produce unique, standout pieces that will last many years.

Our rattan garden furniture blends durable yet lightweight aluminium frames with high-quality weaves and showerproof textiles to guarantee a lifetime of use. It will keep its shape and grace regardless of the weather.

If you have any queries regarding our products, please contact us today. We are always pleased to respond to your inquiries. Contact us by phone at 01708 757555 or via email at sales@rattangardenfurnitureltd.co.uk, and a welcoming team member will respond as soon as possible. It's time for you to decide for yourself now.

In conclusion: despite being stronger, outdoor synthetic rattan furniture outperforms wood in terms of weather resistance. Although prices can vary, synthetic rattan is often less expensive than wood.


You have various styles to choose from for each sort of material! Simply consider what you need, determine which aspects should take precedence, and decide. Last but not least, remember that you are not required to select one of the two; mixing and matching is also strongly advised in this situation!