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Revitalizing Your Front Garden: Tips and Ideas for a Beautiful Space

Revitalizing Your Front Garden: Tips and Ideas for a Beautiful Space

Front gardens are frequently disregarded when it comes to upgrading homes and gardens. Generally, front yards are not viewed as comfortable spaces, and some homeowners prefer to pave them for motor vehicle use, believing it will be more convenient (spoiler alert: it isn't). Nevertheless, a front garden brimming with flowers, plants, and other foliage can considerably improve the look of a bleak street. Besides revitalizing the area, greenery lures wildlife to your garden and minimizes pollution levels.

When designing your front garden, there are many factors to consider to ensure that your vision comes to life. Here is a breakdown of important aspects to keep in mind:

  1. Plan how your front garden will look from inside your home, taking privacy and visibility into account. Determine how much you want to see through your front sitting room's windows.
  2. Create a space that is easily accessible for visitors. Avoid creating a winding path that may cause visitors to trample your lawn or flower beds.
  3. Choose a surface that won't lead to flooding or require extensive maintenance.
  4. Always seek planning permission if you plan to pave your garden.
  5. Avoid using loose materials such as gravel or wood chippings on the ground, as they require regular maintenance and can be easily trampled into your home.


Considering how your front garden will look from the inside of your home is essential. Before you even start digging, it's important to determine the balance between privacy and your view. Privacy in a small garden can be achieved by planting trees, bushes, or hedges to block the view of neighbors or passers-by. However, this can sometimes impact your view of the street. Hedges and large bushes offer privacy and durability after harsh weather conditions.


We've all experienced arriving at a friend's house and finding a winding path that leads to trampling on plants and grass. In small garden designs, having a clear and direct path from the street to the front door is crucial. This not only prevents people from damaging your lawn or flower beds but also makes it easier for visitors to navigate.


To prevent flooding, it's important to choose a surface that won't retain water. When selecting a surface for your front garden, consider using paving slabs that allow water to flow between them and into the ground. This will help prevent any potential flooding issues.

Obtain Planning Permission

If you plan to lay tarmac on your driveway, keep in mind that you may need to obtain planning permission. The requirement for planning permission depends on the area of the proposed surface. If the surface area is more than five meters square, then you must apply for planning permission. However, if you are simply resurfacing your existing driveway, you may not need to seek planning permission.

Avoid Loose Materials

While loose materials like gravel and stones can effectively prevent flooding, they can also create maintenance issues. Loose materials tend to spread out and get deposited in unwanted areas like your home, flower beds, or even on the street. The constant need for upkeep may make it difficult to maintain a low-maintenance front garden. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid loose materials in your front garden design.

After guiding you through the dos and don'ts of designing your front garden, it's time to explore some ideas on how to enhance its appearance. By following these five simple tips, you can transform your small front garden into a modern and inviting space.

Front Garden Ideas:

  1. Add a pop of colour to your entrance by painting your front door a bright hue.
  2. Use hanging baskets to inject some colour and save space.
  3. Create floral borders to add texture and fragrance to your garden.
  4. Get your lawn into shape by mowing it regularly and ensuring it's well-fed.
  5. Install modern fencing to enhance the overall aesthetic of your garden.


Colorful doorway

A freshly painted front door not only adds a pop of colour to your home's exterior but can also increase your home's curb appeal. When selecting a colour for your front door, consider the style and colour of your home's architecture. A bright colour can make a small house appear larger and add personality to a bland facade. Conversely, a darker shade can give a modern home a touch of sophistication.

To further enhance the look, consider updating the hardware on your front door, such as the handle or knocker, to complement the new colour.

If you want to add extra creative, you can even add a personalized touch to your front door by stencilling your house number or adding a welcome sign. This will not only make your home stand out, but it will also give it a unique and inviting character.

Hanging Baskets

In addition to watering, it's important to fertilize your hanging baskets regularly to ensure they stay healthy and vibrant throughout the season. Consider using a slow-release fertilizer or a liquid fertilizer every other week. You can also switch up the plants in your hanging baskets depending on the season to keep them looking fresh and seasonal. Don't forget to prune your plants as needed to encourage new growth and maintain their shape. With these tips, your hanging baskets are sure to be a stunning addition to your front garden.

Border That Pack a Punch

Adding a floral border to your garden can bring a pop of colour to the front of your home. Please do some research on low-maintenance flowers that will your save time and effort in the long run. Geraniums are a great option as they are easy to grow and can fill any gaps along your border.

The perfect lawn

Meticulously maintaining your lawn is crucial to achieving a stunning garden. If you're looking to up your lawn game, check out our blog post from a few weeks ago on the secrets to crafting and upkeeping a flawless lawn. It's jam-packed with tips and tricks to help you achieve the lawn of your dreams!

Slatted Fencing

Updating the look of your front garden can be a fun and exciting project. Modern slatted fencing is a great option to consider, as it can add a contemporary and stylish touch to your outdoor space. With horizontal or vertical slats, you can choose a design that best fits your aesthetic preferences.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, slatted fencing can also provide an extra layer of privacy for your home.

To enhance the look of your slatted fencing even further, consider incorporating lights. This can be done by installing outdoor lighting fixtures along the fence itself or by using solar-powered lights to illuminate the area.

Overall, modern slatted fencing is a great option to consider when updating the look of your front garden. With its sleek and contemporary design, it can add both style and privacy to your outdoor space. And with the addition of lights, you can create a beautiful and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy.