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Should outdoor furniture be covered in winter?

Should outdoor furniture be covered in winter?

After a beautiful summer and now fall months, we are not far from welcoming the chilly cold winter months. Your outdoor furniture might have enjoyed barbecues, Alfresco lunches or a gala time with friends, family or just you!

From falling leaves to flakes, this is nature’s way to transit and accordingly we need to transit into the winter months with all the preparations. You outdoor furniture has given you a lot in the summer, its time for it to take a back seat and rest until you have bought rattan garden furniture made from premium HDPE rattan weaved intricately over rust proof aluminium frames.

Let us discuss what type of outdoor furniture requires what type of care during the winter months.

Wood Furniture

 Moisture is wood’s enemy and so you need to seal the furniture with a sealant and then cover it to avoid any further damage. If left alone, the moisture can go in the surface and may cause the furniture to swell or crack. Before storing, remove all the dirt. Apply a mild solution of soap and warm water if you notice messy stains. Repaint the surface if you feel. It will add a layer of protection.

Plastic Furniture

Plastic does not absorb any moisture but the extreme cold temperatures may make the plastic brittle and it can get damaged. You can move them indoors or under a covered patio. But remember to thoroughly clean them.

Rattan Furniture

Brush the surface with a warm soapy solution and then give a deep wash with a hose pipe and then let it sundry completely. You can wither take them indoors or cover them with a furniture cover. You can use a moisture repellent and make sure that you place them covered over block to avoid direct contact with the floor.

 Metal Furniture

Just like wood, moisture, rain - all are enemies of metal furniture too. The rust that forms causes irreparable damage to the internal structure weakening it. Before storing check for any corrosion! Even if you not encounter any corroded spots, deep clean the surface and then leave it under the sun. Then apply a fresh coat of paint and again leave for sun drying. This coat of paint will act as a protective layer and will prevent the metal furniture from corroding.

Cushions and Fabrics

The fabric furniture and cushion material all are prone to getting wet and they will also attract mold and mildew. Well, the cushions covers that are provided by Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd are not only water and fire proof; you can remove them and wash them.

However, we still advise you to take them indoors. Some furniture pieces have go storage space. You can keep the cushions in it also.

So we told you which type of outdoor furniture requires what kind of preparation before winters to stay sturdy and shining the net season. If you want to extend the life of your outdoor furniture, make the list of what and when to prepare before it’s too late.