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MASSIVE SALE 10% OFF Automatically applied at Checkout! Sale ends midnight Friday 12th April.

The Corner Sofa Set Every Garden Needs

The Corner Sofa Set Every Garden Needs

If you truly want to make the most of your outdoor space, you need to look for creating a good seating. Good that there are so many options available today other than traditional garden bench or a dining set (though they are still popular and highly functional). Today, you’ve got designer chairs, fire pit dining sets, loungers, day beds – there are hundreds of options that you will be spoilt for choices. You can create an amazing seating space on any budget and for any occasion. So, if you’re planning for an elaborate barbecue evening party for your friends or office colleagues or it’s just you and your favourite book night, Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd. UK has got you covered.

Here are some beautiful corner sofa sets inspirations for your garden.

A brick banquette

If you have a brick wall and short on space, why not place your corner sofa set with that brick wall. You need not do anything, the wall will be the focal point while you enjoy a comfortable seating that is not taking up much space. The cushions are comfortable and plush further adding to the comfort and the luxury.

A fire pit seating

A seating area around fire pit sounds interesting. We bet that your summer nights are going to be around the fire pit only. If you like the idea, why not add a corner sofa set with footstools. Why it has to be just grey, you can add a dash of colour with throw cushions that are fire proof and waterproof. You can even wash them and change them whenever you want to create a new look.

A cosy reading nook

 A small L-Shaped corner sofa kept amidst the flower beds – can create a comforting and relaxing cosy corner where you can find bliss and enjoy your reading time. If you add a few lanterns the space can turn into a reading haven even at night.

A Courtyard corner

You can make use of every inch of your courtyard space with clever corner sofa seating. Your brick walls will give the space an earthy feel while the corner sofa will add to the luxury.

Furnish your garden deck

A rug, few home decor accessories and some fairy lights can all lit up the garden area and turn it into a cosy little corner for you to enjoy any time of the day. You can add a fabric pouf, some rattan garden planters and you have finished.

Corner sofa sets are the most practical and stylish solutions available in the garden furniture range today. Thanks to the manufacturers that are coming up with so stylish and trendy furniture ideas that we can design any and every spaces irrespective of the size and dimension. Rattan garden furniture is not only stylish but maintenance free furniture option that is going to stay for years to come.

There are so many ways to deck up your garden space. So why stay indoors when you are blessed with a garden. Just use any of the above ideas and decorate your garden with our extensive range of rattan garden furniture. Turn your oasis into a heaven today!