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Top 5 Questions Asked By Customers And Their Solutions - Sunbrella Garden Furniture

Top 5 Questions Asked By Customers And Their Solutions - Sunbrella Garden Furniture

Holidays, parties and or alfresco meals - all are occasions to be with family and friends. However, at such times there is always the risk of stains and marks that are difficult to get rid of. Sunbrella fabric has been hailed as one of the finest fabrics for the outdoors as it is stain, water and UV resistant. At Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd, we offer our customers exclusive and extensive range of Sunbrella garden furniture that you can leave outdoors all year round without any of the worries that our changing climate brings.

However, when you have kids or pets, there are chances that they will leave stains on your furniture that are hard to remove. So, this write-up takes you through all the tips and tricks that will help you fight any and every kind of stain that can blemish your furniture’s stylish yet elegant look.

How do I remove coloured pencil stains from Sunbrella fabric?

The very first thing one needs to do is to scrape off any residue of the pencil and afterwards apply a solution of mild soap and water. The mixture should be thick and not watery. Let it stand for some time and then rub the fabric with warm water to get the stain off. After a thorough rinsing, let it sun dry naturally.

How do I remove chocolate stains from Sunbrella fabric?

First, wipe off all the extra chocolate and then you can either rinse with water to loosen the stain further or you can even make a thick soapy solution in the following proportions – ¼ cup washing up liquid, ½ cup hydrogen peroxide in one gallon of water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and then spray it over the affected area and leave it for some time. Use a soft brush to lightly clean off the stain. There can be a chance of spotting and so seam to seam cleaning is highly recommended for a clean wash. Rinse it thoroughly and then sundry the fabric. It is advisable that as soon as your fabric attracts stains, clean it immediately to prevent further damage.

How do I remove nail polish stains from Sunbrella fabric?

Wipe off the excess nail polish first and then pour on some solvent e.g. acetone. Take a clean cloth and blot away the stain as much as possible. You can keep repeating the process until required. Spray over a thick mixture of soap and water. Then clean off the stain lightly with a soft brush or clean cloth. You can even use upholstery cleaners to achieve the same result.

How do I remove berry stains from Sunbrella fabric?

Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries etc.– whatever your fruit of the day, they all can stain not only your hands and clothes but even your Sunbrella garden furniture. However, cleaning Sunbrella takes only a matter of minutes to return it to its former glory. Let us see how we achieve the results.

Vinegar and soap solution in proportions of ¼ cup vinegar added to ½ cup dish washing liquid will do the trick. Spray the solution over the stain and let it soak. After 10 minutes rinse off the soapy solution with water and put the fabric out in sun for quick drying.

How do I remove ketchup and mustard stains from Sunbrella fabric?

It doesn’t matter if your love for burgers is greater than it is for pizzas or hotdogs that – all can leave sauce stains. Well, no more worrying about stains and spills when you have Sunbrella fabric on your furniture. It’s stain resistant and easy to clean!

For “ just spilled ” condiments, make a mixture of ¼ cup dishwashing soap liquid with one gallon water. Spray and then let the mixture soak in. Give it a thorough rinse with water to clean off the soap residue and your Sunbrella fabric is as good as new..!

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