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Transform outdoor garden into fashionable garden

Transform outdoor garden into fashionable garden

Garden looking worn out but you are short of time or cash? Well, we at Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd can help you out with easy to try amazingly quick and cheap ideas that can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful haven in no time.


If you are pro at growing veggies or landscaping, large garden won’t disturb you rather you have plenty to show your creativity. However for many, garden space turns into nightmare just because they don’t have time for the upkeep.

 If you want to make your garden a guest delight, here are the tips and tricks:

  • Bring in some colourful planters – A dash of color can bring new life to your garden space. You need not keep high maintenance plants. There are numerous plants that require minimal maintenance like occasional watering or weeding, such plants are a great addition and when they come in colourful planters, its feather on cap.
  • Accessorize with furniture – Give a new definition to your outdoor living area. Bring in some new trendy stylish yet very practical and versatile rattan garden furniture.

Check for HDPE rattan that comes in plethora of options – corner saofa, coffee table, bistro sets, dining sets, fire pit dining sets, sun bed, loungers, - the list is quite extensive. You can check them basis your budget, outdoor space and likings and preferences. These are UV resistant, weatherproof, minimal maintenance furniture that can be left outdoors all through the year with no worries.

  • Bring in the colours with some fake plants that look real

 Its true that nothing can match the beauty of the real flowers. But flowering plants are usually high maintenance and are dependent on weather. Instead invest in a few faux plants – shrubs, grass, and topiary. Today, they are available in huge variety and mimic the real ones so beautifully that no one can make out the difference. They are definitely a good way to brighten up your outdoor space.

  • A quiet corner with corner seating

 A corner can be the focal point of your garden. Let us see how, Get a rattan corner sofa set or dining set and place it in the corner of the garden. Accessorize the place with some fairy lights and colourful planters, Put down a rug to add contrast and you are finished.

  • Add seating to your deck area

 Rattan garden sofas that come with comfortable seating plump cushions are an easy to create extra seating space and also uplift your deck area. Check out for steal deals but do not compromise over the quality. Since its outdoor furniture, you need to be sure of the sturdiness of the material and the fabric to take the natural elements.

  • Bring on cooking outdoors

 Love throwing barbecue parties or alfresco lunches. Why keep cooking inside and missing all the fun? Well you can set up a small cooking area in one corner of the outdoor space. Well, if you have small space, what can you do? What if we say, invest in a fire pit dining set and say bye bye to cooking inside. Fire pit dining sets comes with a sturdy table top with fire pit set amidst the table and covered from the corners to avoid any fire residue coming out. Enjoy and have a good time.