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Ultimate Buyer's Guide – Rattan Lazy Susan

Ultimate Buyer's Guide – Rattan Lazy Susan

The Lazy Susan is your perfect glass table-top accessory when dining with family and friends and the nibbles, dips and sauces need to be passed around. It is perfect for those who like to entertain large company of friends and family. Simply place the Lazy Susan in the centre of your table and turn to share dishes amongst your guests. It allows for the easy share of dining table nibbles and drinks.

The following are key qualities you should look out for when buying a Lazy Susan.

  1. Featured middle hole
    The featured hole at the middle of the Lazy Susan must be perfectly at the centre and in perfect circle shape. This ensures the Lazy Susan is in perfect sync with the parasol hole at the centre of your dining table allowing it to rotate 360 degree without wobbling as you share dishes amongst your guests.
  2. Size
    Rattan Lazy Susan comes in various sizes and designs. The size of your dining table determines the size of Lazy Susan you will need. This is to ensure none of your guest need to stand up or stretching to reach the nibbles.

At Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd, our Lazy Susan ranges from 60cm in diameter and is perfect for 6 seat dining sets and in 80cm for larger dining sets.

  1. Tempered Top Glass
    Another valuable quality worth considering is the top surface glass.

This ensures your condiments seat nicely while your Lazy Susan rotates smoothly. Every Lazy Susan we stock at Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd  is fitted with a 5mm thick tempered top surface glass which prevents the glass from potentially shattering. The top surface glass also features a hole at the centre to allow a parasol.

  1. Glass support Pads
    The glass support pads are fitted between the surface of the Lazy Susan and the top glass. They help to stabilise the top surface glass on the Lazy Susan and they prevent the glass from easily slipping off while the Lazy Susan rotates or when raised to move around. They are worth having on your Lazy Susan.
  2. Middle Hole Ring and Cap Set
    The middle hole rings helps to stabilize, aligns, and protect the Lazy Susan and table umbrellas by reducing friction and prevents scratches while the Lazy Susan rotate round. It also reduces umbrella swaying caused by wind during winding weather.
    The cap sets covers the table top hole neatly when the umbrella is not in use.
  3. Rotary/Turn table support
    Ensure your Lazy Susan is fitted with a swivel bearing turntable plate at the bottom. This ensures the lazy Susan rotates smoothly round the dining table without friction or causing damage to your dining table.

At Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd, our rattan Lazy Susan like all our rattan garden furniture products, are manufactured from a premium HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) rattan with a fitted tempered top glass, which allows you to leave it outside throughout the year.

However, the real beauty of the Lazy Susan is that you can use them both for inside and outside dining. They’re perfect for the Summer months outside, in the conservatory, inside during the winter months for indoor parties or extra bums at Christmas time, and they can also be stow away when not needed to save space.