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Ultimate Buyer's Guide - Rattan Sofa Sets

Ultimate Buyer's Guide - Rattan Sofa Sets

Ultimate Buyer's Guide - Rattan Sofa Sets

Beautiful furniture can be the difference between a house and a home, an ordinary garden and a beautiful private leisure hub, and when you find a great sofa, it becomes a part of your life, always there for you whenever you need it and guaranteed to be there for you to sink into and unwind after a busy and tiring day. It can provide you and your family memorable years of support, comfort and relaxation. This is why it is important to find perfection when shopping for a sofa set.

At Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd, we go that extra mile to find the best quality rattan garden furniture at great prices for our customers.

In this blog, we will try to identify some of the key elements you should look out for when shopping for an ultimate Rattan Sofa Set.

1. Space

Before deciding on your choice of Rattan Sofa Set, you must consider the amount of space you have in your living room, garden, patio or conservatory to accommodate it. Using a measuring tape take a measurement of the space you intend to place your rattan sofa set. We advise you add an extra 3ft space to your measurement to avoid any surprises in dimension.

2. Material

The next thing we advise you consider is the material used to manufacture the rattan sofa set you want to invest in. There is a huge difference and benefits in the various materials used in making rattan furniture.

For instance, there are the synthetic (Man-made) and natural varieties of rattan furniture. The synthetic rattan furniture requires very little care, like just cleaning it. Some budget rattans are not made to last for many years as cheap and inferior plastic is used causing the furniture to become brittle, fade and disintegrate. Better quality rattan can be used in all weather being frost and water-resistant, UV stabilised and able to retain their strength and colour even in sunlight. However, we advise your cushions in a dry place when not in use.

Some of the materials used for synthetic rattan include Polyethylene, Polyurethane, Polypropylene, Polyesters etc. They come in different colours, styles and weaves.

At Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd, our rattan furniture comes in mixed Brown, mixed grey (Serena), mixed silver grey and cream (Champagne), White (Pearl) etc.

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Rattan Weave

Among the various materials used in manufacturing synthetic rattan furniture, Polyethylene/Polyethene or Polyolefin are the most popular plastics in the world and it is probably the polymer you see most in daily life. It is a thermoplastic resin, which means it is recyclable, firm, closed-cell polymer providing more sturdy rigidity. It replicates the look and feel of natural rattan, but is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. It is guaranteed to last longer than natural rattan.

At Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd, our rattan furniture is made with the High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) rattan and hand woven onto powder coated, rustproof aluminium frames. This is why we are able to give our costumers a 10-year all weather guarantee.

3. Sofa Frames

Another aspect to consider when buying a rattan sofa set is the frame of the furniture. This contributes to the rigidity and durability of the rattan sofa.

We recommend you ensure your rattan sofa set is woven onto powder coated aluminium frames. Aluminium is a premium material for garden furniture with beautiful clean lines and superb surface finish. It is rustproof and makes the furniture lightweight to move around in your garden. Rattan furniture made with aluminium frames is more expensive but is sure to last longer than the ones with steel frames. Most rattan furniture comes flat-packed using steel frames which makes them much heavier and cheaper to buy, but less durable as they are susceptible to rust when exposed to varied weather conditions.

4. Cushions and Cushion Fabric

The nature of rattan makes it one of the most comfortable materials available to sit on even without the cushions, but a good cushion can make furniture much more comfortable and looking luxurious. Ensure the cushions on the sofa you want to purchase are thick enough and made from polyurethane for a softer and better rebound. The cushion covers should be machine washable, flame retardant and made from an all weather fabric designed for outdoor use, UV resistant to retain its colour even in bright sunlight. At Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd, all our cushions covers are made from superior poly fabric that are fire retardant to the British Health and Safety standard, machine washable and UV resistant.

5. Table Tops

Most rattan sofa sets come with dining tables or coffee tables. Beyond ensuring the tables are woven unto aluminium frame, a nice glass table top is also worth considering. Ensure the table top is woven before the top glass for extra strength and support. Using a glass top table in your garden will give a beautiful look with its reflective properties and easy clean surface. The glass top will not fade; it will not lose any strength or suffer from being left outdoors.

We use only toughened safety glass for our outdoor garden table tops. If for any reason the glass breaks, it will shatter into small pieces that are less harmful. We advise you always use a parasol base if your parasol passes through the hole in the middle of the table, and always take down the parasol in windy conditions and overnight.

Whatever your need for a rattan sofa set, Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd can meet that need with our exclusive unique rattan furniture designs, unbeatable price promise and unparalleled after sale costumer service. Whether it is eating outside, relaxing with your family and friends, creating a cosy hide-away-from-it-all space or a party area, there are many reasons to invest in some amazing garden furniture. Our huge collection of Garden Furniture gives you plenty of ways to get creative depending on your garden space, your budget, the designs you prefer, the materials you like and the look you want to achieve.

We employ our own international quality control staff working very closely with our manufacturers in the Far East to prevent badly made or faulty goods from leaving the factories and ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. All our products go through a 16 point quality control check before being packaged for import to us. All our rattan furniture is hand-woven over premium aluminium frames by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques. Our bold and stylish designs vary from traditional garden sets, through trending contemporary seating and table designs, right onto our beautiful outdoor sofa sets for the ultimate in garden luxury offering you that memorable sitting and dining experiences.