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Ultimate Buyer's Guide - Sunbrella

Ultimate Buyer's Guide - Sunbrella

The Sunbrella range comes in various designs, shapes and styles ranging from chairs, chaise longues, dining sets and sofa sets many of which are unique. The fabric colours are guaranteed to remain vibrant for years and if by chance your cushions get soiled or stained, cleaning is never a hassle. No other fabric has such a great track record of performing beautifully well outdoors for years than Sunbrella, using the highest grade of fabrics, Sunbrella has an estimated lifespan of 10 years under heavy outdoor use. This is 3 times longer than other outdoor fabrics on the market. They also have a gorgeous soft feel, making Sunbrella great for indoor and outdoor cushions and pillows.

What Is The Best Fabric For Outdoor Furniture?
One of the most important questions when shopping for outdoor furniture. Most yarn is woven into fabric and then dyed their colour after, which means the core of the yarn is white and the colour will eventually fade. However Sunbrella is made with Solution Dyed Acrylic fabric, a process that ensures the fabric will resist fading over time. This is acheived by mixing the dye colour before it becomes a yarn, meaning the colour is true all the way through to it's core. Along with being soft to the touch and mold/mildew resistant, this makes Sunbrella Fabric a great choice for many homes, hotels, bars, restaurants and other commercial clients around the world.

Why Purchase Sunbrella Fabrics Furniture?
Nobody wants to be misled into buying expensive fabrics that offer no added value. Rest assured, Sunbrella fabrics are used across the industry and it is for good reason that Sunbrella is the fabric of choice for many commercial busineses that see high levels of usage both indoors and outdoors.

Quality and Quantity
Sunbrella furniture is designed to ensure the consumer will find a large selection of fabric designs with the highest quality and performance that our loyal customers have come to expect at Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd.

Beauty and Comfort
Sunbrella fabric also adds beauty and comfort to any and all recreational spaces whilst providing you with a blend of style and beauty.

When you need strong and hardwearing outdoor furniture, Sunbrella Fabric is your best choice. The fabric and frames are specifically designed to withstand prolonged sunshine, wind and rain without discolouring..

The frames are made from rust proof powder coated aluminum, which makes the furniture easy to move around to your desired location or favourite sun trap.

Sunbrella fabrics are durable enough to withstand all climates, children and pets. These fabrics will continue to retain their vibrancy year after year.

Ease of Cleaning and Care
The Sunbrella fabric is very easy to clean and can be removed for thorough cleaning and laundered in a washing machine at low temperature and air-dried. When the sunbrella is still on the frame you can easily brush off loose dirt or just simply hose down.

Since the colour goes to the core of the Sunbrella fibers, their fabrics can be cleaned with solvents such as bleach without ever discolouring. The company challenged two kids to making a stain stick. Check out the video for this wonder fabric: