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Ultimate Buyers Guide - Fire Pit Dining Set

Ultimate Buyers Guide - Fire Pit Dining Set

Sitting by the campfire and remembering the good old days with barbecue and wine in hand, isn’t the whole idea fantastic. We can bring you the same rustic experience to your backyard, patio or deck. The fire pit dining sets let you relive the golden cherished moments with the same warmth and charm in a hassle free and clean manner. At Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd, the fire pit dining sets make for a popular choice among the UK homeowners, letting you celebrate with friends and family all the year round by creating a cosy space outdoors.

Here’s your buying guide for a perfect fire pit dining set for your backyard, patio, or deck. The fire pit dining sets allow your friends and family to enjoy some great dining and wining options basking in the warmth of the fire. The options are plenty. Right from four-seat, six seat and eight seaters; you can choose the size, shape and style as per you.

The gas fire pit dining sets offered by Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd are a safe and convenient way to create the perfect ambience for a cosy evening with your loved ones. The gas fire pit offers numerous benefits some of which are:

Convenient: since the fire pit uses gas as the fuel source, the fire is ready in no time - doing away with the traditional method of building a fire and saving you time and effort.

Safe: Gas fire pits offer much more safety as the fire is as large as you want and controllable - making it a perfect choice for your home.

Clean and economical: The fuel does not leave any residue un-like burning wood. It is economical than purchasing the firewood and then keeping it safe from getting wet.

Contemporary: With a plethora of designs and shapes available, you can give a classic touch to your contemporary decor.

Form and Function: The fire pit acts as the central focal point while the tabletop serves the functionality making it a great mix of style and functionality.

The best part is that you can spend long hours entertaining your guests in the warmth of the fire pit. The rattan garden furniture can be left outdoors all year round. The gas fire pit dining set comes with an integrated gas operated fire pit fitted with removable safety glass to shield the fire from turning off in the event of windy weather. The Champagne and the Serena range of gas fire pits are made from premium quality HDPE rattan, weaved over powder coated rust proof aluminium frames.

Under the hand-woven table, there is a storage pit which is a concealed compartment provided for storing the gas bottle making it accessible and also keeping the decor aspect intact. With a heat-resistant ceramic glass top, rest assured the furniture is safe.

The things one should look for before buying the fire pit dining set:

  1. Heat resistant furniture and accessories: We pay special attention to this aspect. Our gas fire pits do come with safety glass, but as a measure of extra protection, all our ultra luxurious thick cushions are flame resistant to UK fire safety standards.
  2. CE registered Gas Fire Pits: The fire pits are made using a premium quality mix of 304 and 210 stainless steel. This can take all the harsh weather conditions and can radiate heat up to 12KW.
  3. Sturdy Make: It isn't just about a safe fire pit, your dining set as a whole should be sturdy. At Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd, the entire furniture range is made from high-quality rattan hand woven using the traditional weaving techniques by expert artisans. All the rattan garden furniture undergoes stringent quality checks before being sent for sale to ensure a hassle-free purchase for the customer. Well, for us a happy customer works for us silently bringing in more business.

Rattan garden furniture is completely maintenance free. All you need to do is to wipe off the dust using a damp cloth and mild detergent once or twice a month. The entire exclusive and extensive range of rattan garden furniture comes with free shipping and 10 years all-weather guarantee. So, why looking back now! Invest in a gas fire pit dining set and entertain your guests all year-round.