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Ultimate Guide: How to Clean & Care For Rattan Garden Furniture

Ultimate Guide: How to Clean & Care For Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan Garden Outdoor Furniture has been a popular choice since many years not only because it is stylish but is also low on maintenance. Unlike the wooden or wrought iron furniture that needs extra attention to clean and care for, it takes a couple of minutes to make rattan furniture shiny and glossy looking again. Here is a rundown of all those tips and methods that one can use in keep that everlasting shine intact while cleaning your rattan furniture.

Understanding your Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture is lightweight, sturdy and durable furniture manufactured from high quality HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and hand woven onto rust proof aluminium frames to impart strength and style to the furniture. Come in various styles like day bed, loungers, Sofa sets, Dining sets, chairs, foot stools etc, these pieces of furniture bring charm and elegance to our indoor and outdoor space.

Highly functional and sturdy rattan outdoor furniture can lasts for around 20 years if you follow the basic cleaning process. You can leave your rattan garden furniture outdoors for entire winter and or throughout spring. Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd offers 10 year all weather guarantee for additional peace of mind.

How to Clean Rattan Garden furniture?

Regular cleaning is important as it keeps away the chances of any infestation or damage to the furniture. Not cleaning it properly can harbour mould and bacteria growth, both of which works to lessen the life span of the furniture which nobody would appreciate.

Here are some basic cleaning steps for your rattan outdoor garden furniture:

  1.    Make use of a soft brush to clean out any dust, debris (food particles) you might find on the furniture piece. Ensure the bristles of the brush are soft and not abrasive as it would damage the furniture.
  2.    A vacuum cleaner would come handy after you are done brushing it. If the surface is painted, go slow with the vacuum brushes to avoid scraping off the coating.
  3.    A pair of tweezers would work well when you want to get rid of dirt from harder to reach places like crevices or in between the weaves. You can also use a bit of water and soap suds to make cleaning easy and fast but be gentle.
  4.    Once in a month, wipe your rattan outdoor garden furniture with a soft damp cloth or warm soapy water. You can also make use of hose pipe or jet washer with gentle spray along and mild detergent. The cushions that come along with dining sets and sofa sets are easily removable and you can give them a quick machine wash with a mild fabric cleaner.
  5.    After you are done washing the furniture, leave them to dry in a well ventilated area or under the sun for quick drying. Make sure the furniture is not left wet for long as it might incline growth of mildew or mould. This happens in the case of natural rattan garden furniture and not HDPE manufactured rattan.

Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd are manufactured from top quality HDPE rattan requires only basic cleaning and dusting. Moreover, it is our promise that they will not lose shine over time as all our products come with 10 year all weather guarantee.

How to care for your Outdoor Rattan Garden Furniture?

If you are buying HDPE rattan furniture, you can avoid all the steps listed below. However, you can make your rattan furniture weatherproof with these simple steps:

  1. Stain rattan furniture

Apply the stain directly on to the surface using a thick brush unless the directions on the box say otherwise. Let the stain rest for the specified period and then wipe off the excess liquid with a clean and soft cloth.

  1. Apply liquid wax on outdoor rattan furniture

If the furniture is not painted but only stained, you can apply a coat of liquid wax of a good brand once a year as per the instructions on the bottle. However, if you buy the very stylish and functional outdoor rattan furniture made from top quality HDPE, you need not apply any of these methods. Rattan garden outdoor furniture comes with 10 year weatherproof guarantee and is manufactured using traditional weaving pattern by expert artisans. Hand woven rattan weave on to rust proof aluminium frames and 100% UV resistance imparts longevity to our collection. Moreover, all our products come with free shipping and best price guarantee.