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Where do you keep garden furniture in the winter?

Where do you keep garden furniture in the winter?

Winters bring a lot of unfavourable weather conditions apart from high humidity and snow. It becomes very tough for furniture to stay dry and clean during this time. Moisture in the atmosphere makes them damp and reduces the longevity and durability of the outdoor furniture. However, rattan garden furniture is relatively less impacted by this weather condition because of a moisture-resistant coating on the natural rattan or the plastic fibre used to weave the furniture.

It can sometimes become very difficult to keep the furniture away from moisture, moulds and mildews apart from pathogens during winters. In this article, we shall discuss some of the methods to keep outdoor garden furniture neat and clean for usage during winters.


1.   Shade or Patio

If you use outdoor furniture very frequently, say daily, then it becomes almost impossible to store away the furniture during winters. In such cases, keeping the furniture in shade or inside the patio or façade prevents the furniture from coming in direct contact with moisture.  While using them, it would be best suggested to wipe off the surface with a clean microfibre cloth to prevent moisture and dampness to make your clothes dirty.

2.   Covering the Furniture with Plastic Sheets

There can be space restraints where it is not possible to keep the furniture in shade or inside the façade. It happens mostly where the garden is small or the façade or patio has no space to keep anything there even temporarily.

In such cases, covering the outdoor garden furniture with plastic sheets or getting proper water-resistant covers made will help safeguard the outdoor furniture from unwanted rain, storm or snowfall.

3.   Making a Shade in the Garden Area

Sometimes, it is best to not disturb the arrangement of your furniture and let is be placed as it needs to be. Instead of moving it, a shade can be raised above the sitting area. It will not only keep the outdoor rattan furniture free from rain and snowfall but also provide you a place to sit and enjoy the weather and sip hot tea or coffee out in the open.

There can be several cases where the winters are chilling cold and it becomes almost impossible for people to sit out in the open, especially during a bad weather. Moreover, furniture during these conditions would be used very less or would not be used at all. In such cases, it does not make sense to let the rattan furniture bear the harsh weather. There can be two ways to protect the furniture in such cases.

1.   Store the Furniture in Attic

When not in use for prolonged duration, outdoor furniture can be stored properly in an attic where there is no influence of external environmental conditions. However, one should clean the furniture surface properly before storing it in the attic. Also, before using it again, the furniture should be dusted properly and wiped first with a dry cloth and then with a cloth dipped in a mild soap solution.

2.   Packing the Furniture with Moisture Resistant Sheet

This method is mostly used in case of wooden furniture or metal furniture. Proper cleaning and then coating the upper surface with oil helps prevent rusting in iron furniture and prevents formation of moulds and mildews in wooden furniture.

Packing these furniture in such a manner that no moisture is allowed to come in contact with the furniture material helps in safeguarding these furniture and increases the product life and longevity.

Rattan furniture is durable enough and can withstand harsh climate with ease but taking proper precaution helps increase their life and maintain their finesse. Alternatively, you can visit the store and order rattan garden furniture after checking the design, quality and other aspects of the products.